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  1. Quarantine Day 4:

    My work for the day is finished, now what?  My daughter is feeling fine at this point.  Wife isn't feeling too well and has been tested but we are waiting on results.  My son is still lifting weights in between doing his school work and playing video games. I'm feeling a little lazy today but that's probably because of the 27 mile bike ride yesterday. Is that a scratch in my throat or did I suck down too much sawdust yesterday? I hope. 

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    2. AfterGeometry


      You need to stop bragging about these 27 mile bike rides and stuff.  Some of us are not as gifted in those areas as you so in effect you are shaming us.  Please consider how your actions (and exercise routine) effect others.  And you too @rubyredd.  And if you call me snowflake FF we're going to have to take this outside.   🚴‍♂️🚴‍♂️🏃‍♀️🏃‍♀️🛌🛌

    3. rubyredd


      I did a 27-miler last night in your honor, FF. Don't listen to AG, put on those tight bike shorts and ride.

    4. AfterGeometry


      I was just joking 

  2. Quarantine Day 3: 

    Daughter is doing fine.  She is holed up in her room enjoying an unlimited supply of food and drink delivered to her whenever she asks.  I'm beginning to wonder if it was a false positive.

    Wife is now convinced she's sick. I'm honestly surprised that it took his long.  If she really is sick (I don't think she is) then I'm done for as well. 

    Son is camped out on our side of the house and asked last if he could order a punching bag from Amazon.  He's been lifting weights and using the elliptical since day one.  Says he wants to get buff like John Cena. He expects me to do 50 push ups with him every day.  It will be good for both of us.

    I'm going to occupy myself by taking a long bike ride and then putting together some record crates that I cut boards for yesterday.  Happy Sunday!

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    2. rubyredd


      @AfterGeometry- well, trail running is my fave to do, but I don't really watch any sports other than college football. Baseball is great in-person. Hockey, too.

    3. AfterGeometry


      @rubyreddWhat do they call those 5K runs where people are on the sidelines spraying the contestants with paint guns the entire time?  [could be just some freaky WA state thing]  Anyways...Smh, most ridiculous thing ever devised. 🙄

    4. AfterGeometry


      @rubyreddTrail-running, to a biased, anti-jogging advocate such as myself, would seem even more detrimental to the knees&ankles than jogging on asphalt because of having to navigate the uneven ground and irregular surfaces of a dirt trail.  More chances for twisting ankles, tripping; etc.  Am I being alarmist, or have you just given me a new treacherous jogging routine I can protest against???  😉

  3. I can't speak to the circles OP runs in but as far as SN is concerned is this really an issue here or are we looking for problems where they don't exist. I'm sure admin would swiftly step in and remedy the problem if it did exist. With all the division in the world today let's please not bring any more of it here unnecessarily.
  4. Let it go man. Move on. Life is too short. And having said that I'm taking my own advice.
  5. So you disagree with punishment spankings. That's an easy fix, don't submit to them and problem solved.
  6. So what is it about the video that bothers you exactly? The intensity or the spanking, her demeanor, her words? I'm sorry but I just can't understand the outrage here.
  7. So I finally took time to watch the video. I'm a sissy when it comes to spankings but that seems like a perfectly reasonable punishment spanking to me. It's roughly 2 minutes of actual spanking, hardly a sadist giving someone the beating of a lifetime. She's making a point and isn't that the point of punishment spanking? After watching it I think I have some things I need to atone for across Mrs. Crystal's lap. If someone finds those sorts of videos to be triggering maybe watching spanking videos isn't the best idea.
  8. I avoid all issues of impropriety by always looking straight ahead and moving with purpose, never focusing on anyone or anything while going about my business in public
  9. You described my situation perfectly. My wife is a strong, independent woman but things are much better between us when I'm the dominant one in the relationship.
  10. Sheesh. Now i remember why i stopped posting in the forums.
  11. Lots think spanking an adult is plenty ridiculous on it's own. Everyone does this differently and that's OK. If everyone did things the same the world would be a very boring place. We need to accept others right to differing opinions and doing their own thing and have a little less "stop liking what I don't like".
  12. Found you this: this is from one his solo albums- Perfect sense. Enjoy!


  13. Its ok, the swamp man of Lee County, SC doesn't believe in you either.
  14. A thin limber switch, properly applied between the thighs, could make a strong statement in a very short amount time. I'd compare it to having a bees nest dropped down your pants.
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