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  1. FinallyFree

    Favourite thing about being spanked?

    It's hard to pick just one aspect that is *the* favorite. I think just that someone cares enough to spank in me in the first place is pretty great.
  2. FinallyFree

    Your most memorable spanking experience

    I can't discuss my most memorable but probably the funnest spanking I've had was one my wife gave me that caught me completely off guard. She's a reluctant spanker and has no real desire to do it but does it occasionally just to humor me. This particular time she started out hard and had me absolutely howling. I asked what I had done to her for her to spank me so and she just chuckled and kept right on spanking. For some reason I started laughing so she just spanked me even harder and faster. So there I was howling and laughing and her giving me the spanking that I had been wanting for a long time. Part of me wishes I hadn't laughed but then again I think the laughing is probably the reason I got the spanking I did.
  3. FinallyFree

    Lockable Cabinet

    This was going to be my suggestion. You can hide the implements under the file folders and still use it as intended. Not suspicious at all and serves a dual purpose.
  4. If I ask why I tend to get a chuckle or a questioning look and her saying that she she doesn't know because she spanked like she always did. Once she said that she may have been more stressed than she realized. She's not very open to discussion about it, she just does it and moves on.
  5. Generally I do like being spanked, to the point it's really more of a reward for me. It's never classified as "punishment" but some are rather punishing and I always wonder what in particular is the cause of the more intense spankings that sometimes have me questioning why I request them.
  6. It's a few different things usually. If it's a particularly hard spanking I'm trying to decide if I have done something to warrant it, if she's simply working through her own stress or just trying to give me what I want, sometimes I'm thinking "please oh please not that same spot again", or how I must be crazy to ask for this, or wondering what she is thinking about while she spanks me.
  7. FinallyFree


    With the holiday falling mid week and different municipalities doing their events this weekend and next I suspect it's going to be a week of off and on fireworks. AG, no self respecting militiaman would use a shotgun as they just don't have the range. However if you're going to be an idiot and shoot into the air it's probably the way to go as it's much safer that a rifle.
  8. FinallyFree


  9. FinallyFree

    Dirty Thoughts

    Pardon my bluntness but the cure for being horny is to have sex. Try it, it works.
  10. FinallyFree

    Male Spankees and Female-led Relationships

    In my case, no not at all. My wife spanks me because she sees the benefit and I suspect that is the only reason. Otherwise she would happy to not do it. She has no desire to be dominant over me and I'm not sure I have a true desire to be submissive to her outside of a role-play/fantasy situation.
  11. FinallyFree

    As a spankee?

    I usually leave most things to the spanker. If I have any requests I make them before the spanking starts.
  12. Thank you for sharing that.
  13. FinallyFree

    Online vs "real life"

    My suggestion is to be 100% open and honest with your husband about your desires and expectations and try to cultivate that relationship. You can always try something else later if it doesn't work. The easiest way right now might not be the best solution.
  14. It depends on my mood and even though I generally like a spanking that goes past my comfort level there are times that a milder, more fun spanking can be just what I need to relax and clear my head.