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  1. More often than not I do not think it's possible for a vanilla to truly understand the desire/need/kink/whatever. Some are capable of providing a satisfying experience some are not. Most male spankees I have chatted with have not had very much luck converting their spouses. A few have. I think female EEs have a slightly better chance of success but still I think the true success stories are few and far between.
  2. Happy Birthday Princesa! 🎂

    1. AfterGeometry


      Whoah.  It's you-know-who's birthday huh?  I'm sure she is just thrilled.  🥳

    2. sassylittle


      I only just saw this. Thank-you, FF. I wondered how AG and Will knew it was my birthday! 

      And @AfterGeometry I am so thrilled to be 42 lol

      You guys are all great and You are amazing friends😀

  3. I've been a spanko since I can remember. I'm married to a nonspanko and the only thing missing from our relationship is spanking. She tried despite not having any interest but eventually I realized I'd never get out of it what I was after and it wasn't fair to her to ask her to do something she would rather not do. Luckily for me, the less I indulge in my fantasies the less desire I have for it. So I don't watch videos, look at pictures or read stories and that helps me not dwell on it. Good luck with your situation.
  4. The fakes seem to be much more prevalent in chat. Or perhaps they are just more obvious when they don't always take the time to carefully craft and edit each statement. Recently I witnessed an obvious fake call out someone else for being fake. Talk about bizzaro world. If someone wants to live a fantasy that is fine, my only request is that they not make me a participant in their fantasy without my knowledge or consent. Where this could become dangerous is say an unsuspecting female spankee finds a female ER and they hit it off and decide to meet. Maybe the EE is new and doesnt follow all the proper protocols and ends up having a meet up in unfamiliar territory and in a not so public, public location. I have seen it here before, the excitement causing people to make judgment mistakes and ignore red flags. At the meeting location the female ER turns out to be a male. Then it has gone from a simple internet fantasy to a potentially life altering event.
  5. I agree, it sounds like spanking is very important to you so my advice is to be true to yourself and don't settle.
  6. hugs free free

    1. FinallyFree


      Hugs Mzsrose.  I hate I missed you.  

  7. I think that for sure anyone who is at risk should be isolating themselves, no matter whether government says it's safe to start going out or not but many of us haven't been able to stay home during this thing anyway. I really have no choice other than to go to work. Our industry is moving along like always so any chance of collecting unemployment is out. If I dont work I lose my medical coverage and that is a recipe for bankruptcy. Since I've been going out I have stayed away from anyone that is at risk to keep from potentially exposing them to the virus. It is my opinion that those businesses that wish to open be allowed to do so provided they can allow for social distancing, those people who wish to go out be allowed to do so and that those people that wish to remain sheltered in place should do so.
  8. I agree with most of that. I do think that locking things down hopefully gave the medical suppliers a little more time to play catch up since its apparent that no one was even remotely prepared to deal with a situation like this. I think we basically have three outcomes from here. This eventually just goes away, a vaccine is developed or this just keeps coming back year after year and sooner or later everyone gets it. I think at this point we have to start allowing those who are not risk the opportunity to return to work and start earning a paycheck again provided they can maintain proper social distancing and that those who are at risk should stay quarantined as long as they feel is prudent. I think keeping the schools closed is a good idea and I applaud my governor cor his quick action to close the schools. I think that alone made a huge difference in the spread.
  9. Not much has really changed for me honestly. Work, home, grocery store, are the places I typically go and that's where I'm still going. What's been hard is that my family is stuck home. Living in a county with a population of around 70000 and confirmed cases less than 50 it's hard to tell the kids that we can't go here or there because of the virus when the odds are extremely rare that it would be an issue for us. Plus knowing this is going to be around for months it's hard to agree that the lockdown needs to remain. I think it's time to let people start getting out again and letting businesses open again, provided they can accommodate proper social distancing.
  10. I dont want to turn this into a political debate so let's try to stay on the topic of what you plan to do and why. Looking at the numbers of new cases of, and deaths from, covid19 it appears that staying at home has worked and nationally cases and deaths are leveling off perhaps even beginning a downward trend. Given what you know about the virus will you begin to ignore orders to stay at home or will you stay home for as long as recommended by local authorities?
  11. People make their own decisions but I can't tell you how many times I have seen people recommend that married people seeking a spanking relationship look elsewhere when their vanilla partners wont oblidge them. Of course when I see this advice given its typically male spankers giving it to young female spankees. They justify this advice with comments like "you have to have your needs met". My thoughts are that if the need to be spanked is so strong then the time to pursue that would have before marriage, not after. But having said that I dont think bad advice from a few folks counteracts all the good advice and sense of belonging that can be gained by being here. If someone chooses to make poor decisions that isnt the sites fault, its squarely on the person making those decisions. I'm no longer pursuing the spanking interest in my relationship but it's nice to have a place to come where people understand the desire and are supportive of the struggles we all face being spankos in a mostly vanilla world.
  12. Thanks for that AG, I needed a good chuckle.
  13. Who me? Some of you act like I'm some sort of a contrarian or something. I have no idea why.
  14. After a quick glance I like the new options. I think it could help bring a little extra life to the forums. I plan on spending a little more time looking around when I'm home and not pretending to work.
  15. I must admit this is beginning to feel like Groundhog Day. Chat is freezing, lagging and when I try to reload the site I get this message: This page isn’t working www.spankingneeds.com is currently unable to handle this request. HTTP ERROR 500
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