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  1. Thank you Miss

    So sad indeed.
  2. I had a few months where I wasn't that interested so I'm guessing about 6.
  3. Spanking creams

    I use a cocoa butter lotion regularly for a few days leading up to a spanking to keep the skin from drying out as much. If you use it immediately before it significantly worsens the sting of the spanking.
  4. Pain management

    I assume he means more along the lines of biting a pillow than a ball gag or something that the EE couldn't remove easily.
  5. My latest moment wasn't during a spanking but involved the threat of a spanking. I was riding with my wife and made a comment about her following too close to which she replied "I have a hairbrush in my purse and I would hate to have pull over and spank you". Coming from a somewhat reluctant spanker this was quite the shock and occupied my thoughts for quite some time afterwards.
  6. BREAKING NEWS: Trump is a Spankee !

  7. Poll

    Skiing is my favorite thing to do in the snow but since it wasn't an option I chose snowball fight.
  8. Spanking quitely

    A wire coat hanger or the rod you use to open and close blinds.
  9. For all spankees?

    Absolutely I could. In fact I would probably have to take care not to spank too hard. Not that I'd set out to be mean about it but I know from my experience that too little can be worse than slightly too much so I would try to be sure I pushed them past what was comfortable.
  10. Revenge

    I don't care about getting revenge or holding a grudge but the older I get the quicker I cut someone out of life for drama or other BS. I just don't have the time or the desire to deal with much nonsense. I'm stuck with family but everyone else can be forgotten easy enough if need be.
  11. IF ANYONE is interested?

    What he did was within the boundaries of the site rules. Site rules say limited nudity can be posted here, not that you can't link to another site that may or may not contain nudity. Click the link or don't. Seems a simple enough concept to me.
  12. deleted

    A poll that has been up for less than 24 hours is hardly a gauge if anyone here would be willing to spank you. From what I see it generally takes times to develop that kind relationship and you'll have to put forth an effort to find someone right for you. Expecting someone to simply volunteer out of the blue may be reasonable for an attractive 20 something young lady but for us male EE's it's going to take some work and lots of patience.
  13. Spanking Memories

    As interesting as this topic is I'm afraid you won't get many replies because discussing it is frowned upon.
  14. More on IP Addresses

    Where there is a will there is a way. Not knocking the idea but as KL points out that would only stop the very lazy or unskilled user. Anyone else would work around the issue. I could create three, possibly four, account ts right now that would have different IP addresses with very little effort and I'm not tech savvy at all. I've decided to take a guilty until proven innocent approach where everyone that hasn't met someone from the board that I have deemed trustworthy is into a "to be determined" category. Which is slightly hypocritical seeing how I've never actually met anyone from the board myself. LOL
  15. WHY

    I imagine some find what they are looking for and move on, some likely become frustrated and give up, some probably get bored and stop coming and some may just not like the site in general. There are several sites I no longer visit for various reasons.