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  1. Anybody have a EE hide a implement ? If so how did you handle it ? 

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    2. ChicagoLady


      Good for you Justin!

      I suggest buying 3 wooden spoons of various sizes and widths and having “Spoon Spanking Saturday”!

      Three separate spoon spankings throughout Saturday (or any day you choose).

      I suggest this because it seems like her least favorite implement, she hid it, so she should experience their ferocity.

      It was meaningful for both my ER and to br vigorously spanked twice with the implement I hid (Mahogany hairbrushes).

      Just the views of an EE guilty of the same spanking offense.

    3. Justin Jones

      Justin Jones

      We've been having some problems around the house.  She's been warned about back talk ect and I've let it slide for a while.  It's amazing what a paddle across the the will do to change behavior.   

      Ill take your advice, I'm taking her spoon shopping.   I'm sure she will love it.   

    4. ChicagoLady


      Thanks, glad to offer suggestions.  Although her bare bottom might not ageee!

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