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  1. These are pretty much my limits as a spanker . Although I still don't know what the wheelbarrow position is . Also who would restrict someone from exercise ? That's weird to me.
  2. Starting to think someone has multiple accounts .
  3. Just some advice, go on tinder and other mainstream platforms . I can say from.experience there are a lot of closet spankos out there. The last 3 girls I dated, 1 tolerated it, 2 never tried it but we're interested and wanted to try .
  4. It was pretty easy for 3rd date we had a talk . I told if she needed a spanking she would get one . She agreed ..
  5. Starting to think she is posting in Fantasyland and not reality ..
  6. I won't post Audio but this is a picture before scolding . Shes not a happy camper ..
  7. I'm going to dish out a scolding tonight, she wouldn't want me to post it as it's fairly personal but I might post some photos after and explain what happened after ..
  8. I'm from.west coast of Canada so I don't understand, being spanked isore acceptable in the South USA ?
  9. You can tell if she thinks the spanking is justified or not . If it's justified then it's straight to tears, if she feels it's not, it's a dirty look with bottom lip hanging down.
  10. Haven't seen any scolding videos but I can say the scolding hurts my spankee more than the actual spanking .. She takes it hard and I do it in a firm but calm manor ..
  11. I spanked my girl in my office once . She came to visit me and saw me telling everyone what to do. I didn't think about it but I guess it really turned her on. We came back after work because I forgot something and I can tell she was intentionally being a brat. So I bent her over my desk and really gave it to her .
  12. I think it's kind of hot. I just use bar soap .. I strip her naked and do it in front mirror in Bathroom I make sure there's soap all around her cheeks ect. .
  13. If so you could spike your soap with good tasting stuff lol ..
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