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  1. That sounds like my relationship with my wife Sophie. Neither of us is head of household, and there's no power struggle. I spank her when she needs it, and she spanks me when I need it. We've been doing this for two years now, and we're really happy with how it's going.
  2. Well said. A few more red flags are: Relationships where the spankee is financially dependent on the spanker. Portraying consent as a one-shot deal. For example, "but you said you would; you can't go back on your word now". Any attempt to conflate consent-emphasis with prudery. (This is a huge red flag generally.) Justifying spanking with religion. (There's nothing wrong with spanking between religious people, but if it amounts to "God says you should be spanked" then it's abusive.)
  3. Hi lttlejenn With domestic discipline, there's always a big gap between setting up the arrangement (which is usually enjoyable), and the realisation that you're about to be spanked (which isn't enjoyable). Remember that what you're feeling right now is perfectly natural. The desire to wriggle out of punishment by asking for warnings is also natural. If you really feel that you can't face a spanking, then you should reconsider domestic discipline, and tell your husband so. Nominally practicing domestic discipline, while cheating is the worst of both worlds. The choice is always yours, and ther
  4. At the very least, spankings are intimate. When being spanked, you're sharing a very intimate part of your body with the person spanking you.
  5. I agree with geeky_child that the idea can be sexual, even though the reality is not. I practice mutual domestic discipline with my wife, and for us the sexual fantasy actually helps with the reality. We hate receiving punishment spankings, but the fantasy means that we're happy practicing domestic discipline as a whole. It helps us to see the spanking as a good thing.
  6. I'd have to say that any bottom of a willing participant is beautiful. The same bottom glowing red is more beautiful still.
  7. Hi, My name's Steve, and I live in a domestic discipline relationship with my wife Sophie, where we spank each other. We blog about this at [deleted]. We're particular interested in conversing with other couples who practice this lifestyle. One-way domestic discipline is common, whereas mutual domestic discipline seems far less common.
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