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  1. Thanks for posting that, Hook. I think it would be a valuable resource for a more experienced partner initiating a less experienced one into TTWD. My only complaint is that the list doesn’t really accommodate any relationships but male ER female ee, but that’s fixable if someone wants to put in the time.
  2. Is there any way you could copy and paste that into a post window? Or repost it as a pdf?
  3. Hey, shy, I get what you're saying about being an all or nothing person. That's the way I am in my addiction to alcohol. All I can say is that we walk a fine line between guilt and remorse for a relapse and guilt and remorse that keeps a relapse going. (I've already failed, so why not keep at it?) Please remind yourself that you can fall down seven times, but get up eight. Or ninety-nine times, and get up one hundred. The latter involves a certain amount of forgiveness toward yourself. Please keep fighting for yourself and your health. I care about you.
  4. In my area munches are pretty much just meet and greets as well. Invitations usually specify street appropriate clothing and behavior. I'm shy in groups of new people, so I tend not to have a great time at munches where I don't know anyone. But then, the only way to get to know people is to go out, so there's the dilemma. If you generally have a good time in groups of friendly strangers, then you should be fine.
  5. Hey there, fellow gender outlaw here. Just saying hi, I see you, and you're not alone around here.
  6. A really powerful, eloquent letter. I hope your husband is able to give you what you need!
  7. Damn. I’ve heard of people having to sit on things like a scratchy doormat after a spanking, but I’ve never seen anything like the naughty pad before. Excuse me if I DON’T mention that to my Dom.
  8. AFAIK the only way to get in contact with MDSS is through Fetlife.
  9. The other day my Sir used a back scratcher on me. It was a larger, heavier one than the little bamboo ones you see in dollar stores. Maybe like a solid wooden ruler or spoon. It looked pretty harmless, but stung like a SOB. The plastic rods off vertical blinds pack a surprising punch, too.
  10. When you say PVC, do you mean the rigid piping they use in plumbing? I guess I'm not sure how you get that to bend in a circle.
  11. So i’m looking for a quieter alternative to a bath brush. I’ve been spanked with a loopy Johnny that had a thin plastic cord on it, but I don’t remember much about it, which means such a thing probably isn’t intense enough. I’ve seen ones made of delrin canes, rubber cords, and leather. For those of you who have experience, what would you recommend? Ideally i’d Find something that is 8/10 painful and quiet enough to be plausibly deniable when combined with a loud television.
  12. I can see what you’re saying. I’m always puzzled by the folks who say, “Spanking is 100% non sexual for me. And by the way, I only spank people of the gender i’m sexually attracted to.” Wait, what? that said, for me the whole dynamic is what appeals to me. It’s at least as much a parental thing as a sexual thing. May be weird, but there it is.
  13. I think disciplinary spankings can be “good” for the ee. When i’ve Been thoroughly and fairly disciplined, the guilt and shame of my bad behavior is all wrung out of me. I feel relieved and hopeful that the future will be better. It also helps to know that someone loves me enough to demand that I be the best version of myself. I’m not exactly sure what it is that makes this work for me ... it’s sort of the whole authority dynamic. And the spanking has to hurt. A lot. I need to be thoroughly miserable from the first swat to the last.
  14. That sounds like a good idea, Rand E. I’d contribute.
  15. For a while I had an arrangement with an online spanker who had me use the plastic rod from a set of vertical blinds. It hurt all right, but I think the bath brush hurts much more, even when I use it on myself.
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