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  1. I bare my own butt before a spanking. It helps me feel submissive, and it seems only fair that I participate in my punishment.
  2. Larger ottomans make pretty good spanking benches, and don't cause comment if they're left out in the open. I'm not sure how great they are for restraints, though. You'd have to get creative.
  3. Sometime between 7-9 EST would be good for me, although I could go a bit later since I realize we have many users on the west coast.
  4. I chose the middle one . . . my Sir is not scary, but his punishment spankings are! There are types of spanking that I like, but those aren't the type of spankings I get when I break my rules. Also, spanking isn't the only punishment I get. I can also lose privileges, be grounded, etc. None of it is any fun. Saw an interesting metaphor for what spanking does in a relationship the other day. Spanking by itself is like drinking 180 proof liquor . . . it's horrible, not to be desired at all. A vanilla relationship is like a drink mixer without alcohol. But within a loving disciplinary relationship, it's like the two are stirred into a delicious and intoxicating mixed drink. So good it gives me shivers to think about it.
  5. Got one hell of a spanking yesterday.  Not punishment, more motivational/stress relief, but it was harder that he'd ever spanked me before.  Hurt like an absolute bitch, but now I feel very loved, and very inclined to behave myself!  

    1. Bha


      I'm so glad you feel cared about.

    2. dkh


      Lucky lad!

      >Hurt like an absolute bitch

      I can appreciate that. When I trust the -er, I can take a lot on the faith that, while I'm not enjoying it in the moment, I'll feel great about it later on.

  6. I'm so sorry for your loss! Pets are beloved family members, and losing one is heartbreaking. One reason I stopped keeping hedgehogs is that their lifespan is short when compared to that of dogs or cats. It seemed like I was always saying goodbye to somebody. 😢 Right now I have a cat, and I worry about her growing old. I don't like to think about one day living without her.
  7. I get restless and cranky if I'm not spanked pretty regularly, too. I have been going 4-6 weeks between spankings, but that's not working out. I've been struggling to follow my rules and have generally been acting like a brat. I talked to Sir about giving me hard spankings often, without waiting for my misbehavior to build to a point where punishment is necessary. He said he'd do it. I can self-spank and sometimes do, but it's more effective if he does it.
  8. I've met @Child of Light, @Christy, @Tal, @MsMary, @C P, @Dexx, and one other guy whose screenname I can't remember for the life of me.
  9. Welcome! Glad to see you made it to the site. PoeticWytch is a good friend of mine IRL, and I can vouch for her coolness and character. She'd be a good fit with an ee who is a little, or just more on the submissive side. She has great "mama bear" instincts. She keeps threatening to smack me for not taking care of myself, but I've already got someone who fills that job. She's also just generally a fun person.
  10. I’m not supposed to use my ER’s name outside a narrow set of circumstances. To me, he’s always Sir. It took some getting used to, particularly in public. I’ve since learned how little strangers and passers by pay attention to the things I say. It’s a little deflating, really. 😛
  11. I felt very guilty about what I did that earned me my last spanking. I expected to really get blistered, but I only got 20 bath brush swats, and not all of them were even that bad. Part of me wishes Sir had really torn me up, because I still don’t feel great about some choices I made. But he wants me to take a more forgiving attitude toward myself, and i’m grateful for that. Besides, he’s the boss, and his word on what punishment I deserve is final.
  12. My Sir isn’t really big on rituals. Sometimes I get a lecture, sometimes he just gets down to business. (Although I always know why i’m being spanked.). Sometimes I have to count swats aloud,sometimes I don’t. What’s always the same is I have to pull down my pants and underwear and bend over a piece of furniture. For punishment, I always get the bath brush. Afterward I get a hug.
  13. They grow very well in Michigan. And they will make you miserable if they sting you.
  14. I remember Laura’s as well. I think my favorite author’s name was Gaetana. Very talented writer who wrote her stories in memoir format.
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