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  1. geeky_child


    I found my therapist on the Kink Aware Professionals list. That's here: https://www.ncsfreedom.org/key-programs/kink-aware-professionals-59776 If you can't find anyone on the list who seems like they'll work, consider contacting the closest person you can find and ask for referrals. I understand that not everyone here considers spanking a "kink," but that's how the outside world classifies it.
  2. geeky_child

    What do you DO or SAY when you need a spanking?

    I have a hard time with it, but that's pretty much just too bad because my Sir generally insists I ask to be spanked. I wish he'd just grab me by the ear and punish me, but that's not usually how it works for us.
  3. geeky_child

    Spankees Unite!!!

    Well, I once wrote this . . . So You're Going To Get A Spanking. It was basically a guide to dealing with the anxiety of knowing a spanking is in the offing. That said, I'd agree with your points about being humble and not fighting. Presumably, this is something you agreed to for a reason, and you're looking for some sort of benefit. The only way out is through.
  4. geeky_child

    Repeated Discipline Spankings

    I don't know what others get spanked for, but in my case, it's neglecting self care activities. This is a mental health issue for me, and I treat it on multiple fronts, with therapy and psychiatry as well as with discipline. Sometimes I do really well with it, sometimes I don't. When I don't, I get smacked. I suspect that most ee's work with their er's on issues that are longstanding and significant, and which are unlikely to evaporate with just one spanking.
  5. geeky_child

    How many?

    I've never spanked anyone. In terms of regular spankers, I've had 4. Not sure about the number if you count one offs and people at parties. Somewhere in the double digits.
  6. geeky_child

    Social Anxiety and "needs"

    My therapist knows and is fine with it.
  7. geeky_child

    New in Tampa, FL

    Welcome, David! I hope you find what you're looking for here.
  8. geeky_child

    My Two Sides

    Really nicely done . . . I know how you feel.
  9. geeky_child

    Noise Control

    My former mentor uses a motel room, which is fine, except that at one point the room the clerk habitually gave her was right next to a long-term resident. One day (thank God not during my spanking!) the guy finally flipped out and yelled about the smacking noises coming from the room next door. The motel's response was to move my former mentor a few rooms away from the complainer. AFAIK, she spanks there to this day. 😛 More recently, I got spanked at my Sir's parents' house. (He was there taking care of his mom, and where he goes, I go. And so goes my badly-behaved bottom.) A friend of mine shares space over there, and Sir asked her to leave the room while I took my punishment. While she was hanging out in the next room with Mom, Mom asked "what is he doing in there?" And friendo actually told him. Everyone involved was mortally embarrassed. Oy. >.<
  10. geeky_child

    Poll: Do you prefer bruises, or just a reddening??

    I bruise very easily, so anything other than play-swats is going to leave me black and blue. I don't like the banged-up-butt look--I'm always concerned that someone will see somehow--but if I'm going to get an effective spanking then bruising is going to happen.
  11. geeky_child

    Favorite Implement

    "Favorite" is not really a word I would apply to anything I get a real spanking with, but I have a kind of emotional connection to the bath brush Sir punishes me with. I gave it to him at the start of our relationship, both because it was something I knew would be a good deterrent and because it was a symbol of his authority over me. He keeps it by his bedside (I get paddled bent over his bed), and every time I go over there I see it, and remember what the price of misbehavior is. I love the fact that he keeps it close to him. To me, that means he takes his role seriously as my disciplinarian and that he loves me.
  12. geeky_child

    Self spanking implements

    I don't know if they count as "unusual," but my collection includes a bath brush, paddle hairbrushes, wooden spoons, and the plastic rod from a set of venetian blinds. None of them has ever elicited comment from anyone.
  13. geeky_child

    Chat update!

    The gif generator will eventually come up with something, but you have to wait several minutes. If that could be fixed, it would be awesome!
  14. geeky_child

    Hi, new here :)

    Hi there, and welcome! Some people find that a DD relationship really eases the transition between home and college/the work world. I hope you find what you need!
  15. geeky_child

    Hugs to geeky_child

    Aww, you guys are so sweet! Sorry I didn't see this until now. I was in the hospital with depression for a few days (happens every so often), but I'm out and doing better. Thank you for thinking of me. ❤️