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  1. I guess one could start with a psychiatrist and ask for a referral to a kink friendly doctor or attend a local munch and ask the attendees for advice. There might even be a doc in attendance. ???
  2. Good question. If your doctor visits “end up” with your end up on an examination table like all males should at our age. It would be embarASSing to answer questions about the strange red “rash” on your butt. I would for sure experiment with this as all butts are not created equal.
  3. @Fluter1 A true British gentleman.
  4. @Fluter1 A member search on this site shows over 550 members from the UK. You are not alone sir.
  5. I feel the same way. If someond DID see me and recognize me, they would have to explain their presence to ME. Lol. Amazing how many former teachers have our shared kink.
  6. Has anyone in the group ever been to an organized spanking party at Crimson Moon, Metro Detroit Spanking Society, Shadow Lane, etc. and felt like the grandpa/grandma of the group? Are there any advantages of being the oldest person in the room?
  7. Welcome. Always can use another spanko from Ohio.
  8. Maybe a chart would help. Anyone have any ideas about how to liven up this group? Maybe someone should spank me.
  9. I am NOT offering my services, but just wanted to comment on how much better life would be for these unwilling partners if they would be bit more cooperative with their spouses desires. Amirite?
  10. Inspired by Davyd’s comment, what are some things to be considered when spanking seniors? Where are your favorite places to be spanked? My favorite is the fleshy parts of the butt. Least favorite is my thighs. Now it is your turn.
  11. This has good reviews. I assume meant for treating bruises. I have not tried, but lots of good reviews.
  12. This one is still available from Amazon. Pretty close to the Vermont.
  13. Also search etsy for “personalized paddle” and have your ER’s name engraved on one. A “top” Christmas gift.lol.
  14. Ah, the holy grail of spanking!
  15. I DID bring it up and wish I hadn't. Wish spouses would be more cooperative
  16. Probably a parody movie of Butch...
  17. Peer impact special interest group Oct 6. I havenot been there. Your inbox is full, cannot message you.
  18. @Newlypinked If your out of town spanker is as caring as you say, he should understand your needs better. Would it hurt (lol) your relationship if you guys were not exclusive with each other? Does he see other spankees?
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