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  1. Hi again, I was wondering if the hairbrush spankings you got and the ones you gave where spontaneous, or where they more of the rituals some spankos associate with old fashioned traditional discipline ?  I have also thought a bit about your statement about how you liked to spank females because they tended to respond more in terms of crying.  I and many other men bottoms wish they could be spanked to the point where we could also feel that release.  I believe that is why I tend to think about being spanked as a young boy by a maternal female figure, because somewhere deep inside I long to recreate some connection I associate with that experience.  Would really enjoy having a lady friend I could share these thoughts with.  Thanks again. Roger

  2. Welcome little lady. That was a lovely intro. I think your situation is common. I am sure you will hear from too many interested in erotic spankings, but hopefully most will at least be honest about it. But there are also Moms and Dads out there who understand parental disciplinary spankings, and really do understand what you need. And what you mean when you talk about a "real" spanking.
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