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  1. I am a firm believer that safe-words should be set before any relationship. Even if a punishment is earned (While technically, not allowed) if used, punishment stops to discuss. I ultimately have the final decision as to if it would continue. I have been very blessed to not have to deal with the issues others have had to, where a sub basically uses a safe-word as a way to top from below and guide a punishment.
  2. My doesn't have origins in my youth.. LOL I came across this because I needed some $. It turned out that I loved it. I explored all aspects, and found by becoming a mentor I could make some very good positive changes.
  3. I have broken several brushes off of Amazon. My favorites are a wav enforcer hairbrush from Walmart and the cactus bath brush from The Body Shoppe.
  4. I think there are regional posts for this type of posts..
  5. I was walking with a GF in a antique store. We went to the basement and I found a display of wooden spoons. I of course tried out the one on her ass before we decided to get it. When we went upstairs to the register, the clerk said, Did you find one that works? As she grinned we saw the display banks of camera monitors. I responded, sure did and there was a giggle..
  6. Ooh.. I for got about one. A pair of plain white panties that have “bad girl” written with sharpie on the back, that are worn the day prior, to work, school etc.. If she does bend over etc.. Possibility they get seen
  7. I went through this earlier this year. Very complicated situation. As friends we went on a hike. I explained that I enjoyed control and spankings. A few weeks later she told me the hamster was running and she wanted to know more..
  8. Can start over panties, but will end up bare.
  9. I honestly could add a ton to this. But, I will say this.. All of them have been done with consent.. I never did anything that the ee did not agree with.. 1-Taking by the hand, grab around the wrist as leading to the punishment. If seen, someone may think its holding hands, but she knows differently. 2- Diaper position is definitely more exposing then anything, but also allows to get to the sensitive sit spots much easier. 3- Pillow? No, that adds comfort, I bought one young lady a cutting board to be used if she sat down and there was a cushion. That drove that spanking in good! 4- When travelling for work, my ee met me and we stayed in the hotel together. I had to go to use the business center. Well, she had a couple of beers and was giggly. She acted up and I put her in the corner at the hotel business center. I printed what I needed and had to pick the pages up from the counter. After getting the pages, I tod her out loud, it ws time for her punishment. The clerk smiled and said tsk tsk.. 5- Last one for now.. I had to drop a young lady (she will smile if she reads this) off at the airport.. I had gven her a sound spanking.. Then right before dropping her off, I added Cap Cream! She felt it all the way home on her flight. Sorry if I rambled too much.
  10. Some need bruises.. Some need tears.. For me, its a gut feeling when I am giving it, that I know the point was made. I cannot really explain that "feeling", but it is very accurate.
  11. Been a LONG time.. Just wanted to say Hi

  12. I had a young lady that I worked with for quite a few years. I always called her my brat. My brat was in a local community college that was near my work. I would pick her up sometimes when she had a long break between classes. We would study together and when she has a test/quiz coming up, she would make up study cards and then we would hold OTK reviews. She hated OTK reviews, as if I asked a question and she didn't know the answer, it would lead to spankings. I would say it really help her in the learning process!
  13. Personally, I have seen someone experience both subspace and then the quick drop. As someone has already stated, aftercare is a MUST! It may not need to be a long period of time, but always be there for the possibility of the drop.
  14. A family restroom in different airports. Have to time them with overhead announcements.. Also in the backseat of a car while a different brat was in the front seat watching/waiting for hers. Also along a canal in Kansas City.
  15. Might I say Thank you! i think that is something that has gotten lost in a lot of the scene nowadays.. The forgetting of the vulnerable that a ee shows when they put their trust in a er.. I have seen way too many times someone that has gotten taken advantage of and try to be convinced that “no limits” is what is right! anyways, I also have seen the transgression of Fetlife turning from kinkers to profiteers.!Its sad..
  16. As you can see, I have been on this site for a long time. I have made some really strong connections.. I have also stepped away for some long "breaks". For many different reasons. I am back, and we shall see where it leads! I am not ashamed, nor offended. I have had my reasons for taking a break, and it has been needed.
  17. Was thinking about you..

  18. The “ee’s“ I have spanked exclaim that the cactus long handle bath brush from the Body Shoppe is the absolute worst. I will take their word for it.. LOL
  19. Evilicious! It's not a word, but I made it into one

    1. Justanothergirl


      *laughs* nice word, I think I'll add opt it ;)

  20. What song, when heard.. Makes you either want to spank to the beat, or be spanked to the beat? Mine- Imangine Dragons "Top of the World" has a catchy beat, and she hates my singing! LOL
  21. Cargo pockets are so convenient for those small implements on walks!

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    2. FirmSpankerMD


      No.. The "ee" always needs to be prepared. In the end she learned!

    3. ReadyOrNot


      Learned that carrying around cups of water is a fruitless endeavor

    4. FirmSpankerMD


      And protesting only adds to the spanking

  22. Its amazing how much progress can be made, when someones ass is on the line!

  23. If you had self-discipline, you wouldn't need me to be here.

    1. ReadyOrNot



    2. FirmSpankerMD


      One cannot inflict what someone else can.

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