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  1. A family restroom in different airports. Have to time them with overhead announcements.. Also in the backseat of a car while a different brat was in the front seat watching/waiting for hers. Also along a canal in Kansas City.
  2. Might I say Thank you! i think that is something that has gotten lost in a lot of the scene nowadays.. The forgetting of the vulnerable that a ee shows when they put their trust in a er.. I have seen way too many times someone that has gotten taken advantage of and try to be convinced that “no limits” is what is right! anyways, I also have seen the transgression of Fetlife turning from kinkers to profiteers.!Its sad..
  3. As you can see, I have been on this site for a long time. I have made some really strong connections.. I have also stepped away for some long "breaks". For many different reasons. I am back, and we shall see where it leads! I am not ashamed, nor offended. I have had my reasons for taking a break, and it has been needed.
  4. Well.. It has been quite a while, but I think it is time to start taking applications for this position.. Will update the description.. *Updated* I am in my late 40's and am very experienced with spanking ladies for goals/discipline. I am NOT looking for a relationship, nor am I looking for sex. This is NON--Negotiable I enjoy seeing the changes that can be made through discipline. Primarily free daytime's, and have multiple different implements to use. While I have implements, we all know the hand is the best and most convenient implement. I am equal opportunity, meaning I do not discriminate by age. From 18 on, I have worked with and have had success! I even spanked a lady in front of her Husband, because he didn't know how! Send me a message if interested.
  5. Also from MD. I am north of Annapolis.
  6. Was thinking about you..

  7. Are you willing to travel to give spankings? I am from Minnesota.

    1. FirmSpankerMD


      No, I am very limited in availability, especially traveling.



  8. The “ee’s“ I have spanked exclaim that the cactus long handle bath brush from the Body Shoppe is the absolute worst. I will take their word for it.. LOL
  9. I would be interested to know  where you are located as a fellow Marylander...AND if you are into spanking another man...if not that's okay just send me a reply saying that...


  10. Evilicious! It's not a word, but I made it into one

    1. Justanothergirl


      *laughs* nice word, I think I'll add opt it ;)

  11. What song, when heard.. Makes you either want to spank to the beat, or be spanked to the beat? Mine- Imangine Dragons "Top of the World" has a catchy beat, and she hates my singing! LOL
  12. The position is filled.. No applications are being accepted.. LOL
  13. Cargo pockets are so convenient for those small implements on walks!

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    2. FirmSpankerMD


      No.. The "ee" always needs to be prepared. In the end she learned!

    3. ReadyOrNot


      Learned that carrying around cups of water is a fruitless endeavor

    4. FirmSpankerMD


      And protesting only adds to the spanking

  14. Its amazing how much progress can be made, when someones ass is on the line!

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