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  1. Hello all, I'm no longer looking for new roleplay partners at this time. If I need someone in the future I'll let you know.
  2. I know the feeling! I'm so sorry you've been though this! I hope things get better for you
  3. Hello, I am a spankee and I have issues with this. It's worse when buttons are pushed. I get to yelling and it's not pretty. Sometimes I wish my Daddy-Dom would spank me in those moments, but he's not a spanker. Instead we just get to yelling and it makes everything worse. I wish I had someone who would turn me around and swat a good one to me if I had a bad moment of hotheadedness. Get sent to the corner to cool down before being bought over the knee of my spanker and moving that hotness from my head to my ass. A good reason for the paddles or hairbrush to come out. As far as spankers
  4. Feel free to message me. I live around St. Louis MO. I know it's a bit of distance, but much closer than some things. With Covid going on I'm not up for meeting anyone soon, but we can at least begin a friendship if you'd like. Just so you know I'm a EE.
  5. Hello, I've sent you a message, but also wanted to state here that I am very interested in this!
  6. Also, I'm perfectly fine with said spanker being either a man/woman/non-binary. All genders are good for me lol.
  7. Hello, I'm very interested in roleplaying with someone dealing with me being the spankee. I would like the setting to be school or home related. I have a brat in me that I don't want to actually take out with my dom because I don't want to be spanked for being a brat and he hates brats lol. That being said, I would love my bratty behavior to be subdued via role playing. A hopefully much more positive way to deal with the brat inside me. 😊 If you wish to deal with the bratty schoolgirl or little girl within me let me know. She most certainly needs to be put into her place. I have a lo
  8. Hello. So some real life experience here. First, tiger balm is amazing and a huge deterrent, I have used capsaicin in the past. I would like to give some warnings though. 1) You should wear gloves. 2) You need to make sure that the product does not get anywhere near sensitive bits. I've gotten mentol on those bits, both front and back, by accident and that hurt. I know if that stuff got on those bits they will be crying in no time. 3) At least from the capsaicin point of view, it hurts similar to a very sound spanking with no marks. It will hurt again upon entering the shower and lasts for a g
  9. I plan on sharing a lot more! I have a lot of fantasies and I think I'm gonna start writing them down, maybe make a book. I also have a lot more experiences to share from my past. I'm back here after four years and I'm ready to share! 😊😊😊 Changed a lot, got what I needed for my life around spankings and accountability. I just suddenly feel the need to share it.
  10. Thought I'd share my latest punishment. My partner (Daddy-Dom) and I went to the store today cause we needed groceries. When we go out sometimes he likes to grope me when people aren't looking. Upon doing so he realized that I had a stain on my shirt.... Well this didn't make him very happy. He asked me what happened and I said I didn't know. "Oh you don't know? Maybe I should have you take off your shirt and just wear your coat until we're done since it's dirty... Actually, yes, go to the bathroom, take off the dirty shirt and return." So I did utterly embarrassed when walking out knowin
  11. So I only have experience with bondage tape is a more sexual sense, sorry. But to answer you it's very effective and easy to get off. It adheres to itself very well and isn't like duct tape so it's not sticky. I would suggest having it wrapped around your ankles and thighs. Maybe try just ankles first and then if your still squirming to much move to the thighs? I was a swim instructor for years and I think something we did for them might work in the spanking relam. When teaching the butterfly kick, which is a kick with both feet together, you need to keep them together or you risk gettin
  12. Caspaicin works, trust me. Last spanking I got with it I was almost crying from the intensity. My mentor spanked first, then added the cream. Once the cream is added you'll want to leave your butt bare for a while, like 30 mins, for it to build. Also your ER will want to wear gloves or wash their hands right away. Be very careful where it gkes, it will hurt VERY badly of it hits other areas other than your bottom. Also I would never advise doing this in any broken skin, hopefully there isn't anyway, but I'm just saying.
  13. Spanking weekend is here. So nervous, like usual. Ugh :(. I guess if I was less naughty I wouldn't have to be so worried. Still, I know my bottom is going to be blazing by the end of the weekend and that's hard to take in sometimes. I need it though, so I'm glad to have my mentor.

    1. spanks1


      What will your mentor be using to spank you? How often are you spanked? What did you do to earn the spanking?

    2. Wifey


      It is good when you get what you need

  14. My mentor might smile about this and then call me a cheeky brat and then probably make me redo them if I tried to pull this off with a good swat for good measure on my way back to the desk.
  15. My spanker sent me a bag of chocolate for good girl rewards in the mail. ^.^ VERY grateful, since I really love chocolate!
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