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  1. I feel that corner time can definitely be a productive part of a spanking session. Incorporating some corner time can add some additional embarrassment for the spankee. Also, corner time at the end of a session can help the spankee reflect on the session’s occurrences - and better understand the reasoning for the spanking in the first place.
  2. For many individuals ... a spanking involves a “crescendo” of minor events that eventually provides a satisfying feeling - and hopefully lasting benefits. Simply submitting to a spanking may be one minor event that initiated a beneficial spanking. Getting into a exposed spanking position for a spanker really helps some. Being bare may also introduce a unique “spine tingle” that helps makes the entire procedure productive. Of course, the discomfort of each swat is the main ingredient to help the spankee with some “issue(s)”. But... that “clean slate” feeling, newly found focus, and add
  3. I agree... (with MaelstrOm) ...make certain that you have discussed the process and procedures with someone you can totally trust. In addition, make sure that your needs are considered. For example...If you are seeking the disciplinary session to help you : avoid procrastination, maintain focus, or build additional motivation, make sure that YOUR goals are addressed. Maximizing YOUR benefits should be a priority.
  4. I suspect the extra effort on the part of the spankee to create an aesthetically pleasing atmosphere...is greatly appreciated. 😉🤩🤪😍
  5. This might be a good, economical option....
  6. I snicker 😆whenever I remember a recent belt find / purchase... I went to a local thrift/ re-sale shop. While shopping, I found a wide, leather belt that was EXTREMELY long. The leather was perfectly flexible. I believe it cost $1. The belt was soooooo long that I cut it (into different lengths) to make it easier to properly use (for different / new purposes 🤔😳😉). Even when “doubled” the belt was too long. I wonder what the cashier thought when I purchased a belt that obviously fit someone with an extremely long waist. 😳 Anyway - a thrift shop may be a good source for an inexpe
  7. I know some individuals who wanted to witness an actual therapeutic spanking session before “diving in” and deciding to be a “participant”. From what I know ... All “witnesses” became participants. In addition... the spankees welcomed the additional witnesses. More remarkably- everyone seemed to benefit.
  8. Having a role play partner who shares your interests - and willingness to have fun is GREAT! Spankees who can find themselves “outside of their typical comfort zone”, and still have fun ... almost always have wonderful experiences. Therefore, - my suggestion- help your partner find that “edge of the comfort zone” - Find that elusive “fun / uncommon area”. For example, a female spankee wearing a skimpy swimsuit, an ultra short skirt, or mini dress (or anything somewhat revealing) may put her outside of her comfort zone (because she wouldn’t feel comfortable wearing something like that in
  9. For some reason.... the idea of enjoying an outdoor spanking session is occasionally triggered. No, I really don’t think it’s the additional risk associated with possibly being seen that triggers the idea... Maybe it’s an interesting idea that is triggered because spanking and enjoying the outdoors are simply “win - win” situations. Hummm
  10. I prefer any implement that is accurate. In other words, an implement that seems to strike the exact area aimed for is always nice. I don’t always like implements that can “miss the target” LOL. Implements that are easy to control are preferable. And... most implements that can be used with a variety of force (light to strong). The implements that can offer this variety are great options too.
  11. Like many here, I understand the benefits spanking therapy. During spanking therapy, stress, emotions, and guilt can be released. In addition, endorphins are released and the body is purged. In short...negative emotions are replaced with optimism. What could be better? Anyway...I would enjoy helping someone experience the emotional release that accompanies a consensual, well planned spanking. In addition...I would like to be a recipient. So, I also need to release some stress. Does this type exchange ever happen? Can it happen?
  12. A few days ago, I stumbled upon this site . Thus far, I have found the individuals and topics are very intriguing. Many of the topic discussed here have grabbed my curiosity. Because of some of my own minor motivational issues, I am interested in spanking therapy. However, in the future, I would be honored to provide helpful, corrective services. (1) calm consultation (2) discussion of goals (3) preparation(s) (4) spanking (5) reassurance that the recipient has a "positive" experience and guilt is minimized. Anyway...Thanks for creating a great site!
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