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  1. Hello miss. I am across the pond, take a ferry Ludington Mi. We can meet up after a few chats. Rick
  2. I tend to agree, there have been a few good points brought up. I am one to not want to just walk away and ignore the ee, there are many emotions connected to this type of arrangement.( abandonment, low ego issues, depression… etc..) I have had quite afew instances where considerable time and effort was spent-to find out I had a player. It’s the chance we take I think I am done. Prace ✌️
  3. I feel that it should be a mutual agreement between the ee and the Er, the ee needs to submit to the discipline that the Er feels is necessary. Behaviour modification is not effective if rules are not followed, honesty not taken seriously or a choice of discipline is allowed.
  4. Another summer coming up, a break from the virus, an adult female may consider her past and present thoughts that need to be dealt with. A yearning desire maybe, a need for accountability or the familiar guilt that just will not go away. The dreaded bad habit that can not be stopped, an attitude that slips out all too often, sometimes the bad girl needs a reality check.... A girl that can’t seem to get her college studies completed to a business woman that needs incentives to stay her best in a competitive world. She may seek an intelligent Male with integrity that w
  5. I believe it is up to ones interpretation, I did not specifically state that I was seeking any more than to help if needed.
  6. Now that life is looking up to being able to meet safely, I am able to help adult females with the discipline that they may seek. I am near Lansing, close to the colleges, Grand Rapids is not far also. send a note here or on kik, my nic is overrmykneemiss. Let’s have a chat and take care of the issues that are bothering you. Safe,Sincere,confidential and effective. Come here girl , ‘it’s time’ Rick.
  7. I hope that my last ‘rant’ , my silly humor and blunt statement will be taken with a grain of salt. I can imagine a few people were taken aghast knowing my normally laid back temperament. There have been requests for Me to act in that manner in the past, it can happen with a prior discussion relating to her needs, her limits, as well as My limits. Be Well all, I don’t expect much response do to My age and the many Er’s in the big mitten .
  8. Enough havoc for one day, my humor causes a tsunami of adversity on occasion- Ignore this decrepit old creep😁 Be Well All. goodnight.
  9. I have been looking for her on the ‘ Best Behaved ‘ posters 😂 I thinks me gonna get thumped when the little angel reads this😳
  10. You are right dmirk, she probably mended her ways NOT 😂
  11. Age play is something I have done, it seems for some it is a necessary, others do not understand its value, like I said earlier that every girl is different besides the shape of their soon to be scorched bottom. (((( huggs )))) Rick.
  12. Michigan is shaped like a hand for a reason— lol there are more Swatters than swatees 😂
  13. Michigan is shaped like a hand for a reason— lol there are more Swatters than swatees 😂
  14. After these years warming bottoms, an Er learns to be flexible to a woman’s needs. We have a few conversations and get a feel for each other, no two ever seem exactly alike. I could offer a stereotype OTK using one specific technique but we all mature and grow and develop different needs/wants.
  15. Lol, The ‘old approach ‘ is not appealing to some of the naughty girls that require corrective action. Those that know Me realize that I am not crazy- maybe a twisted sense of humor in a non harmful way, but I do seem old in the eyes of some that maybe seek a definitive power exchange. 😏. I am very much able to be the Dominant/ Daddy/Mentor a warm and fuzzy Friend that may be needed or be desired be it a vocal scolding or a well reddened bottom. Experience, wisdom, as well as physical strength are all part of being a good Er. I feel that if a girl is honest about her
  16. A new approach to my needs; ’ Bare ‘ with Me - lol ’ An ass to grab, hair to pull a red bottom and a girl calling Me Sir. ‘ or whatever ever scenario that fills her need. come here girl, it’s time. You know how to get this taken care of, ‘ git er done’ - then move on.
  17. Hello from Michigan, the weather is getting better now, the virus scare is starting to diminish. Be Well, Rick
  18. Maybe the girl needs to let a Spanker know what she needs? no drama, no long wait, safe, comfortable environment. ’Deep Breath- gulp-make it happen. ‘overrmykneemiss@yahoo.com kik is overrmykneemiss ‘ see you soon 🙂’
  19. I am wondering if there are any adult females that are serious, I am able to warm a bottom and put a tear in a girls eyes, with words or a large, strong left hand, the right hand works quite well to keep her still over my knee. All girls can benefit from an occasional spanking from a strong Dominant Man, her stress and guilt will melt away. Come here girl, ‘ you have needed this for a long, long time’..... Rick.
  20. Thank you Chawsee, Have a great day 👍
  21. Hello, This pandemic is is rough for a lot of us, if as an adult female, you may miss the stress relief, accountability, or the fantasy that you would like to live out. I am here to offer a safe, sane experience, W/we talk, set limits as well as being discreet, honest and caring. Send Me a note here or My account on yahoo ‘ overrmykneemiss@yahoo.com My kik Is overrmykneemiss I am looking forward to a chat as well as the opportunity to fill your needs. ’ Come here, it’s time’ Be Well, Rick.
  22. Feel free to stop by Jenna if you feel that I went too easy on you the last time. We can ‘have a talk’ 🙂. Sit comfortably, Rick ((( huggs )))
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