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  1. I have been a short term snowbird for years, I am planning a trip now that I am retired, if you are still in need then I am thinking about buying or renting to escape this icebox here in Michigan. it would be nice to chat if you want thank you - Rick.
  2. Hello, I am near Lansing Michigan, if you ever get this way we can talk, it would be nice to visit- I am older if you seek the experienced Kik is overrmykneemiss. Rick.
  3. I agree- I tried one years ago, they put you on ‘automatic renewal’ and it’s a super mess trying to cancel, the operators are overseas ( unless faking an accent and intelligence). I had the best luck with the old Craigs list , the females were sincere for the most part, I received some spam but easy to target. Most were curious and safe wanting someone who knew and understood their needs and wants. A good share of the responses ended up being friendly chats about weather a spanking was something that would help or not. then the crime and news media got involved- there is no name that I can think of that fits that of a person that causes serious harm or death intentionally 😐
  4. I feel that I have grown to better understand the dynamics of the lifestyle as well as the knowledge gained by meeting so may different people in so many walks of life.
  5. Hi there, welcome from Michigan. have fun, be safe. Rick.
  6. Welcome, I am near Lansing Michigan, I wish you the best.
  7. I think that I agree, the world has changed considerably since I became involved in this type of lifestyle. The involvement has helped immensely.
  8. True Ms. Child, I was thinking more along the lines of slowly getting to know those who are interested, several chats, building trust , eventually meeting in a safe manner. Things will be the way the way they were meant to be. I hope things are going well for you.
  9. Thanks Keith, I have also met quite a few real good people, even got to be friends with the girls hubby, it hard for some to discipline someone they love. I always make sure he knows and have some kind of agreement. The trouble lately is it seems people are a bit more apprehensive- my age is probably a factor also.
  10. I have been wondering if any females here are actually seeking a real time meet up ? I know some have their reason for a cyber play or self spanking situation, if that works, great. I know that an Er and ee need to click, but all I seem to see is cyber fantasy. there is a lot of real good information here, some I posted years ago, some that good friends also wrote. I am real time, down to earth, little or no drama - does anyone else feel this way?
  11. Hello jo, I appreciate where you are at and what you wish to accomplish, I am ‘ across the pond’ here in Michigan. take care, 🙂
  12. My girl is fairly new to the spanking life and loves it...how long before i can spank her in public when she acts up????

    1. nicoleS39


      lol....I would be very careful about that....if by public you mean among peoplevwho,would not understand. If you mean among others of like mind...well...I,guess that would be in accord with howbyour relaationship,and communication develops. If by public you mean in a place thatnis public...but you think nobody will see you...think again. These days there are cameras everywhere...lol.

  13. I seem to have been drawn back into the old country/ rock and blues band thing. Are there any female ee’ musicians in my area that might be interested in jamming, playing at a few yard parties, an open mic, situation? It’s about having fun, we are all laid back and get along great. Let Me know 🙂
  14. Hello, I am a bit far away here near Lansing, Michigan. I wish you luck.
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