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  1. I will always remember years ago when a mentee told me that a spanking was cool at the start and ending but the middle was not so good. The stress relief and good aftercare can make all the difference.
  2. Hello again, we can talk confidentiality if that helps- this is scary stuff at first and no fun being worried about being outed.
  3. I will add my 2 cents ; I have dealt with depression most of my life, I have seen many professionals ( psychologists, psychiatrists, MSW’s etc..), tried several meds until one seemed to help. There has been many hours of reading self help books, 12 step meetings and so on. What I came to believe is that probably more than one issue caused these feelings,(duhh🙂) the one diagnosis was my depression is from ‘Learned Behavior ‘- meaning just that, I learned to survive using thoughts and actions that were not healthy which led to my issues. i never had the healthy discipline or guidance growing up that was necessary- though not really a bad kid however as some know growing up without accountability can cause problems such as not knowing about boundaries, lack of necessary goals to reach, feeling that I had no direction in life as an adult ( like a ship with out a rudder, it’s very difficult to stay the corse in life) I sought for several years a Female Material figure that I could feel comfortable with that was wise, understanding and was not sadistic. I have a few Female Tops as friends however it would never feel right because of prior circumstances. ( some feel that to regress to childhood is of no benefit) I began being a Mentor on the premise that I would be the Parental figure that I felt so badly that I needed previously, this seemed to help me figure out what I missed and what could have happened in my early youth and possibly avoided my thought pattern of depression. Things eventually worked out and I feel the experience that I gained with my own ‘recovery’ has helped not only myself but the ee’s, the females that were basically having the same issues as I had gone though that I understood and be compassionate as well as strict within reason. My point about this long read is that SOME depression can be helped by providing accountability for the lack of or sufficiently provided discipline in youth. Being held accountable for the behavior that leads to depression , the thoughts that lead to depression can build a healthy mindset which can ease or possibly eliminate the depression itself. Realize though a chemical imbalance is much different and should be dealt with using professionals, I encourage all with these issues to seek professional assistance and be very honest with them - it could be a matter of life or death. Been there, done that.. maybe I will find the maternal figure I seek but until then things are good. I am done now 😁
  4. A quick wish for all this time of year the best and enjoy the season, the holidays are tough on some like myself however we get through it. Peace ✌️
  5. Hello from Lansing Michigan, the best of luck for you in your search. If I may be of help, leave a note or pm. happy Holidays. Rick.
  6. I am calling your bluff Ms.5th 🙂
  7. Haha, Michigan has its ups and downs, as John Denver wrote ‘ being in Ohio is like being no place at all 😂- watching the sleeping dogs lay… I will remember your comment if I ever get you across my knee 😏🙂
  8. Things are getting to be chilly and the days are shorter, I would like to invite any female ee’s that have needs, wants or questions to feel free to contact Me if she is available to meet nearby Lansing- Grand Rapids. I am able to host once trust is established, I am able to provide several different scenarios that may be of help. Experienced, easy to talk too with wisdom and integrity. Thank you, Rick. Edited by staff: no outside links or handle names, in public forum.
  9. Good morning, I am near Lansing Michigan if I can be of help. be safe. Rick🙂.
  10. As far as I remember it always was a support site. 🙂
  11. I agree, thank you. when I joined the site many years ago the objective was a bit different, but that was then. Be Well 🙂
  12. It is difficult Denny, I know from experience, I had to have a lot of patience and let people get to know and feel safe around me. I do know your struggle.
  13. It seems more lately to myself anyway that there is more cyber fantasy roleplay here than I remember, I have no issues with that, times have changed. I don’t have an immediate solution to what may be involved to know if someone was here for an intended actual scenario/session or is here for fill their desires for an online only arrangement. I might guess maybe a separate topic discussion area?, an icon with their nickname,?- at any rate, I don’t want to get beat up ( no pun intended 😐) about my idea. Things are awesome the way they are, a free site without a bunch of ads is great- it seems any I look for are very misleading and are overpriced along with deceptive profiles that want to lead people to believe that there are many more members than there actually are. Evolving into a long term real life Er, it’s the way that I feel is the most effective for whatever the ee’s issues may be. Thank you moderators 👍 Scary?- most definitely. Regards, Rick.
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