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  1. Hi to everyone, I am here to let the females know that there is help available. A few know Me here, I have enjoyed this lifestyle for many years. The usual sentence again about discretion, integrity, strict but fair and caring applies. If an experience or ‘test the water’ arrangements can be made. As I am maturing, the drama involved seems to be less, I want her to feel comfortable, safe and cared for, as most of us know and I have said often ‘these feelings will not go away easily, often a lifetime. Contact Me here or via. kik, My nic is overrmykneemiss Be well all.
  2. Hi ther my dear, wonderful friend❤️❤️❤️❤️

  3. Hello and welcome, I am near lansing, good luck here, most important is to be careful. Rick
  4. I have been involved in this type of therapy for quite some time, I will not be redundant about My qualifications. There are times when a girl requires a sound bare bottomed spanking, whatever the reasons. The spankings are strictly confidential, in the safety and security of her or My environment. There are also other means of discipline that are available. You feel as a female know what you need and have the desire to seek relief of the guilt, shame, curiosity or behaviors that you know are not good, W/we need to talk. Contact Me here or My yahoo account, I do have a kik profile also, the id is overrmykneemiss I work in real time scenarios only Be Well, Rick.
  5. I replied in an earlier post, things have changed, people seem to have changed. ee’s want wisdom in their search but want young model guys , the two don’t normally go hand in hand. it takes time and knowledge to be a good Mentor, unless a girl wants to fill a fantasy. seldom do I ever meet any ee’ s that are less than 90 minutes away. Good luck to everyone from Ionia county Michigan.
  6. Hello Jessie, Welcome, please do as suggested for your own safety, there are lots of good people here. I am roughly 4 hours away, a bit far. Take care, Rick.
  7. Fly into the Lansing Michigan airport, it will not take long. 🙂
  8. Welcome back, good luck 👍
  9. Welcome, You should have no trouble finding a good fit for your needs, I am near Lansing Michigan along with many of us throughout the state. Be Well and Be Careful, Rick.
  10. It seems I remember a ‘brat’ going home and sitting on an ice pack— 😏
  11. From what I have experienced with Kim, there has never been a time when she did not need a ‘tune up’ by someone heavy handed. just My 2 cents worth 😏
  12. Hello, i am sorry for the delay, it’s been a somewhat busy couple of days. I have a kik account, My id is overrmykneemiss if you wish to contact Me there. It may be a day or two before I reply because of a few errands and obligations I need to complete. thank you for the reply I live 7 miles north of Portland Michigan Rick.
  13. Welcome from Michigan, there are an abundance of us here. Be Well 🙂
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