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  1. Spankee, only from other males. No sex. Like getting from other guys who enjoy giving them. Hand & belt are faves but like the spanker to be in charge. Role play or not.
  2. Welcome fellow Buckeye. You've joined a supportive group.
  3. This relates to discipline and spanking? There is an Erotic section that perhaps your post would be better suited in?
  4. In Bonanza, there are occasional references to adult spankings.
  5. Nope. Corner time is BORING and I bore easily.
  6. I just caught your post and location in a thread on weekly spankings.  I live in Dayton.  We could set a plan to fulfill your need if not weekly then bi--weekly or monthly.  Shall we talk about it?  

    We may have started once before, a long time ago, but I do not remember what / if we did anything abut it.  

  7. Welcome aboard our group. Take your time in getting to know people. We have some really good folks on this board.
  8. When my bottom is bare and expecting a hand, but I hear the sound of a belt buckle and loop sounds, & knowing that in a nano second I will feel the shocking, punishing swats that I know I need but dread.
  9. Ur welcome. Add in early bedtime & no sleeping in. Life can get a bit boring, and cause one to think maybe I should improve my behavior.
  10. Limited online and tv time. House chores, etc.
  11. I would like to get a weekly parental (m-m) for accountability & maintenance but those dynamics are very difficult to find where I live.
  12. West Central Ohio Straight male seeking another male for real Corporal Punishment type spankings that a dad, principal or coach would have given back in the day. No sex.
  13. It's not easy writing such a post & owning that you need discipline to make some positive change. I have a friend in Columbus that I'll contact to see if he would be willing to work with you if you are interested. PM me.
  14. No. It wouldn't be happening with me. I would see it as a personal violation of my privacy, not to mention my limits.
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