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  1. there is The Society in hartford, ct...they're a more broad BDSM group but they do have events catering to specific interests. their next "Spanko Invasion" is june 4th. http://thesocietyct.org/
  2. i've been spanked on my thighs (the back of them and inner), and on my calves, and my hands. i didn't enjoy any of it at all, which i suppose made them effective punishments - but they may become "hard limit" areas for me in the future.
  3. i knew who you were talking about before i even clicked any of the links. this should be cross-posted on spanking therapy as well.
  4. you didnt say when in february you'd be there. but OTK Night at Paddles is Feb 7th, and SCONY (Spanking Club of New York)'s party is Feb 15th.
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