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  1. Wonder if many other men frequently tear-up or even cry as the result of a spanking. Does it happen most times, occasionally, or not at all? What do you think precipitates a reaction like this? As a grown man, I generally find it very difficult to cry but I have received spankings before that definitely ended in tears and even some sobbing. Just not sure what triggered it those times and not others. I'm not convinced it was the severity or length of the spanking itself, but that may have played a role.
  2. Something I neglected to mention before, but that I actually feel is probably the most important element of receiving a satisfying spanking is the spanker him or herself. I've tried this numerous times with women and a few guys who either spanked me because they knew I wanted/needed it, or had other motivations besides their own personal interest in providing discipline. Invariably though, it's never worked (for me). It's very difficult, I think, for a spanker to "fake it," and it becomes almost immediately clear that they're not really into it. I'd rather not get spanked at all than have a se
  3. None of my male friends know that I get spankings, and I think if they found out that would be much more embarrassing. I've had a couple of close calls though at the gym when my ass was still recovering from a spanking, and another guy saw it in the showers - had to make some quick excuses. My ex however spanked me in front of her girlfriend before though, and that was also incredibly mortifying (but I think, secretly very exciting too).
  4. Aside from the aforementioned emotional triggers that cause a man's sexual response, I don't think we should overlook the physiological either. The same nerve endings that we have in our ass cheeks are in close proximity, even interconnected to those in the perineum, prostate and penis. Unless the spanking is extremely hard, it's inevitable that the sting you feel in your butt is going to be interpreted in an arousing manner these other places. In my experience, a painful (but measured) belt spanking makes my cock stiff as a board, but other implements applied with similar intensity may not ha
  5. This may have been discussed before, but I'm curious what other guys would have to say are the specific aspect(s) of receiving a spanking that they feel are the most impactful to them, be it emotionally, physically, sexually, or all of the above. Speaking for myself, I'd say that the anticipation - knowing that I'm to be spanked later - definitely puts me in a unique headspace that nothing else can. Then, it's the spanking itself. I'm not a seeker of pain, and actually hate the sting of having my butt cheeks paddled, hairbrush-ed, or whipped with a belt. But without sufficient pain, the spanki
  6. I thought it was just me, or at least I was I was in the minority, but just the threat of a spanking gets my manhood quivering. By the time my underpants are pulled down I’m as stiff as a board! This sometimes gets me into even more trouble since it’s made clear that I really deserve the punishment.
  7. Bare bottom but not generally fully naked. It just feels more realistic to me to have my pants and underwear lowered to my ankles but not removed entirely. My butt is fully exposed this way and completely vulnerable to the spanker’s hand, paddle or strap, but not in such a sexual way as fully naked would feel. After all, in a true discipline situation, all the attention should be on the spankee’s ass cheeks and maybe his thighs, but nothing else. All that said, it’s not a hard and fast rule by any means - just a preference.
  8. This thread may have died off, but in case it's still active these are my thoughts: Like some others have commented earlier, I like the end effect to be pretty uniform with full coverage of both my butt cheeks, and in some cases a few stinging licks evident at the tops of my thighs, just below the crease. The spanker might concentrate on just one cheek at a time, but in the end I'd prefer my whole rear end to be glowing red. I've also had guys "force" me to separate my cheeks and hold them apart so that they can concentrate a thin paddle or other implement on the inner cleft and my butthole. T
  9. Personally I find that the discipline feels the most realistic if it begins with me at least partially clothed. Typically I’ve been spanked wearing jeans or other pants, that at first, are just pulled down enough to expose my butt still in my briefs. After a few minutes that way the underpants come down too though and the majority of the spanking is delivered to my bare behind. My pants and briefs often stay down at my ankles for the duration. I’ve also been spanked in pajamas with no underpants on beneath (then bare bottom). Both of these feel “right” to me.
  10. Sounds as if our spouses have a similar approach. I typically wear boxers or boxer briefs, but my wife feels that briefs are more appropriate for a “boy” who’s earned himself a spanking. She’ll leave a pair of white jockey briefs out on the bed or even near the front door sometimes, so that I see them when I come home. When that happens, I know I’m in for it. She uses her hand or a hairbrush, first on my cotton-clad behind and then with the underpants lowered around my ankles. If I’ve really upset her somehow, then she’ll also have me bend over the edge of the bed, and use my own belt in my re
  11. Same here regarding white briefs. I’ve been told before that if I’ve behaved like a boy then I’m gonna be punished like one (with a bare bottom spanking), and I should dress for the part, in a pair of snug white underpants.
  12. Same here regarding white briefs. I’ve been told before that if I’ve behaved like a boy then I’m gonna be punished like one (with a bare bottom spanking), and I should dress for the part, in a pair of snug white underpants.
  13. Thanks @Spankee51. This was one of the more memorable spankings I’ve received as an adult. Certainly the embarrassment factor of being bent, bare-ass, over this guy’s desk, in his office of all places, really sunk in and I think greatly exacerbated feelings of vulnerability and maybe some of the fear I used to feel as a kid getting my butt whupped. In the back of my mind I think I also wondered if someone might walk in and see me getting punished this way (but of course it was after hours, and I think he took some precaution that we wouldn’t be found out). I can’t comment on the viabilit
  14. Love wearing a jockstrap as underwear sometimes, just for the “vulnerable” feeling it gives me, knowing that my butt is exposed (underneath) and would be completely unprotected should someone pull my pants down for a spanking. Also like traditional white briefs when getting, or giving another guy his spanking.
  15. As a kid I was usually spanked in my bedroom, or my parents’ room. My dad wasn’t shy though about putting me across his knee other places too, including the garage a couple of times, and friends or relatives’ homes on several occasions. I also got my bare fanny spanked good and hard in men’s locker room once at our community pool. As an adult, I have been spanked in a number of different locations. One time I met up with another guy who wanted to role play a boss-employee scene. We met at his office (after hours). He had me wear one of my business suits, and he was dressed similarly. Whe
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