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  1. Wow, I'm late on this topic. I'm 20! P.S. Hi incisron!!
  2. I actually think it has less to do with upbringing than it does with the rise of the internet and all the technology that we have nowadays (which everyone uses, but I think younger people/people in their 20s probably use technology more or are more technology dependent). It's probably much easier nowadays to find other people who are also into spanking. Plus, it's easier for young people to go on google, look up spanking, and find out that there are other people with the same interests. I'm 19 and even though I'm still pretty dependent on my parents, I've been interested in spanking for a long time now (since I was in elementary school/junior high) and I know that looking up spanking-related things on google when I was younger definitely contributed to increasing my interest (instead of trying to ignore it or push it aside as being weird/abnormal, which I might have done if it weren't for google).
  3. Haha, I think California (or at least northern California) but that could just be because I live there
  4. haha incisron, I think edrador was referring to the general public not us spankos on SN
  5. I think if you were looking for a purely mentor/ee relationship (which is the context I think you were referring to) then physical attractiveness shouldn't matter. I guess everyone is looking for something different though - I consider physical appearance when looking for a spanker because ultimately I'm looking for a DD relationship and I'd like for there to be a possibility of the mentor/ee relationship progressing into a DD one should feelings develop. It might seem shallow, but when I look for a boyfriend/long term partner, there has to be some level of physical attraction there (as in, the guy doesn't have to be very attractive but I at least shouldn't find him unattractive) just because I find that it does so much more for the relationship, or at least the sexual aspects of it. However, if someone believes attractiveness shouldn't matter and their potential spanker/ee does, then they both are likely not looking for the same thing and probably aren't a good fit for each other..
  6. Everyone has been so caring and given such wonderful advice here already so I feel there is not really much more to add However, this sort of topic/post really worries me and like a few others here, I speak from personal experience when I say that using any sort of self starvation (even just skipping a meal) as a punishment is not a good road to go down. Plus, when it comes to weight loss and healthy eating, it's good to treat yourself occasionally Hugs and feel free to PM me if you ever need someone to talk to.
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