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  1. Haven't been around in some time, but happy to be back. Open to talking to just about anyone but as far as who I'd seek for a spanker I'm for sure a ladies lady.  
    Otherwise always looking for friends to chat with!

    1. dmirk


      Drop a line.  

      Always interested in talking.  I’m over at the Jersey shore. 

  2. my favorite right now that's currently on is the walking dead off air: buffy the vampire slayer haha
  3. I was torn between the second and third,but ultimately went with the S and the Rose,visually I just think it looks nicer. So what made you choose a rose? I think it's a really good choice,but I'd love to hear more about it. great work!
  4. no kidding,if that is legit that is a terrible idea.
  5. songbird9

    Letting Go

    that was a beautiful poem
  6. how big of a button is a puzzle calling her a jerk face?? I feel like...it should be automatic after that lol
  7. I mean...that's one way to do it hahaha
  8. goodnight demonslayer-voltaire
  9. just here to be social,not interested in going into the details of what I do for your pleasure.

  10. songbird9

    Starship name.

    the silver gummy bear
  11. If I won the lottery I think the first thing I would do is pay off my student loans. Exciting,right? Otherwise I'd use the money to get a place to live that I can also film some projects in...web series,short films etc...
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