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  1. For most of my life I would have thought myself a Dominant. I have been very adventuresome sexually, MMF, FFM, couples, male stripper, married women, and I loved everything. As my second marriage was going badly I met a woman who was different than all others. Very successful, opinionated, strong willed, self-centered. I was surprised how attracted I was. I left my then wife and kids and went into business with this new, interesting woman. We did very well together but argued like crazy. One day, somehow, the argument turned into me getting spanked. Over the years our arguments tapered
  2. It took her a couple days until we had to "talk" and after a long discussion I was told how I had let her down. From that point it was a one-sided discussion. The spanking was just okay and I did not talk back at all. I have to say I found myself immediately too scared/chicken to give her any sass.
  3. It's been more than a year since I've been spanked by my wife (several reasons) but I strongly believe (several reasons) when I get home tomorrow I will receive a well deserved spanking. Someone wrote recently how exciting the anticipation and how exciting the after-spanking but how uncomfortable it is during the spanking. That just how I feel. When my wife spanks she is serious and upset with me and I've always been quick to admit my mistakes and agree to anything she says. But I wonder if I could find the nerve to disagree or tell her she doesn't have the nerve to follow through on her t
  4. I recently read a quote from some old Philosopher that went something like, "If you find yourself in the life you've always wanted have the courage to live it." Years ago as a young boy maybe 10 - 11 years old I saw a girl probably 15 - 16 dressed in classic horseback riding gear, black boots, riding crop. She was impatient about something, annoyed, angry. She both scared me and excited me. All my life I've been the dominant guy. Not the windbag Alpha male type but stronger, taller, faster, smarter and I never met a woman who impressed me. I met a lot of women though and they seem to lik
  5. Thanks Geometry. I do have a book but its subject is far away from this forum. The book I'd like to write would be the relationship between success in life (however one wants to rate their own) to their sexual adventuresomeness. My premise is, taking in to account the same education level, etc, the more one pushes his or her sexual envelope (or anything outside the norm, like BASE jumping) the greater the reward they achieve in their vanilla world. I've dabbled in many areas (except drugs) and spanking seems to be the...most forbidden? It seems like the naughtier I've been the more good t
  6. It all depends on the situation (and the wife). My first wife was quite a bit younger than I and there was no way I would even think about her spanking me. My second wife was a spoiled girl from a wealthy family who, while she wanted things her way, would never dream of spanking me. Now my current wife is very different. I went to work for her and there was no question that she was the BOSS. She liked things done HER way and didn't put up with any bullshit. I'm a very good businessman and did more for her business than she likes to credit and sometimes at work we had our disagreements.
  7. Okay. here's my Christmas present to Karen our spoiled Princess who wants to have a good reason for a spanking. Here's what I would do: We become comfortable with each other and finally have a face-to-face in some place like Starbucks. We chat. And if I like you I'll hand you a book. A small paperback. It's my favorite. I ask you to read it and the next time we meet there will be a quiz. Now this is where the talent of the Teacher is of the highest value. This is first date night. It's a great setting. There's wine, soft music, lighting. Then you'll be asked about the book. A
  8. Mess, Geometry, Annie: Thanks for your understanding and support of what I was trying to get across regarding my problem with the rude Princess Karen. She does indeed deserve a verbal spanking. But...I should remember the reason for this site: to give support and advice to people - all sorts of people - who have an interest in spanking. To an innocent novice like Karen I must have come across as pretty nasty or mean. I'm sure she's never been spoken to like that in her life. And I'm afraid I may have scared her away. For that I would be sorry. Whoever this "Karen_d" might be and as
  9. My goodness Miss Karen I've read your post and I have to say it is one of THE MOST condescending, patronizing pieces I have ever seen! You sound like some over-privileged spoiled brat. Let me get this straight, you come on to a public forum, having almost never posted so much as a word and you ask the other 25,000 members to provide you with a LIST of reasonably believable reason why you should be spanked. A LIST! And hardly a word of thanks to those who made suggestions! You say you are a well-behaved girl who doesn't smoke...Well big deal no one with any sense smokes. But do you ha
  10. Dear Santa, I've been sort of good all year and think I deserve a special Christmas present. Here's my list: A young woman between 25 and 30 years old, blond, thin to medium build, intelligent, attractive, submissive but fiesty somewhat shy but adventuresome with a major Daddy issue and several personal problems that she needs to work out. Now I understand that might be difficult to find so if not that how about: An older woman between around 45 to 50 years old, independently wealthy, attractive, dark hair with very high standards and a short temper. Probably divorced, not a
  11. I've read all this talk about spanking for "stress relief" and discipline but for me it's always been about finding something new and exciting and pushing the envelope. Years ago I travelled to Chicago for a job interview and that evening wandered into a Leather Bar. I knew what it was and somewhat knew what I was doing. I let some guy much older than I take me to his nearby home/apartment (real nice place) I'd never been with another man before but he used a heavy wooden ruler on my ass and taught me how to give my first blowjob. It was a mind-blowing experience. I like to think I'm as
  12. I think I approach spanking from a discipline and submission point of view. The girl is looking to me for guidance and correction so it is up to me to be completely in control (or at least it has to feel that way) Embarrassment is not the same as humiliation. A spanking can become a source of great strength by going through the discomfort and the embarrassment. So if I'm the spanker, young lady, all those clothes are coming off.
  13. I think it's a matter of authority. As a young man I was always impressed by older women who had some degree of education and/or experience in the world. But now I'm the grandpa and it would be difficult to find the sort of woman who I would want to spank me. I could never imagine, say, a 27 year old spanking me. On the other hand now, at my age, I think I have the gravitas to convincingly handle any age woman. Maybe I'm wrong for saying this but I would much prefer a young woman.
  14. Who has the more difficult role: Spanker or spankee? What is more problematic, being spanked too hard or not hard enough? As a Spanker can you worry about being too tough on your spankee?
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