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    I am a Florida based Disciplinarian accepting new mentees/spankees for 2022.  I am based in Tampa and travel for my career so I am available in several states. As a Disciplinarian of 20+ years I have used spanking therapy to help many adults for a host of things whether it was procrastination, poor study habits, drinking too much, quitting smoking, laziness, poor work ethic, keeping fitness regimens and many other irresponsible behaviors. If you are lacking accountability in life, feel free to inquire.  I have worked with many on this site over the last few years so if you are serious I'm sure I can help.  This year make and KEEP your New Year's resolutions!

    You are welcome to send me a private note with any questions you may have.

    Happy New Year!

  2. I will be in the Charlotte area next week on 2/21-22 and taking appointments as time permits. Feel free to inquire.

    1. Spankedcheeks


      I have messaged you. My phone got stolen and got new one. Don' have your number anymore. 

    2. Florida Disciplinarian
  3. I will be dishing out discipline in Louisiana and Mississippi Wednesday -Friday this week.  Feel free to pm and inquire.

    1. Dherm66


      this coming week?

    2. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      No, I was there the week before Halloween. I do stay in Baton Rouge and Nola on business so I will be back.

    3. Dherm66


      I can come to BR, can you tell me more what you do and like to see a pic of you pls

  4. One paddling down, one to go this afternoon!

    1. annie83


      Don't make them sound like a chore! ?

    2. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      Not at all!  Some of the best lessons are delivered through a sore behind.

      spoon spanked.jpg

  5. I will be traveling to the Charlotte NC and Greenville SC area this week. I have one session scheduled for Thursday and will accept others as time permits. Feel free to inquire.

    1. Alliedavisfrances


      Hello Sir,

      May I apply to be spanked?  I do want to know what implememts you prefer.  i am in need of your kind knowledge and I could travel to meet you. 

    2. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      I sent you a private msg.

    3. Spankedcheeks


      sucks i missed this opportunity 


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