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  1. Happy Spanksgiving!  Land those turkey handprints center cheek!


  2. Would love to chat with you! I’m looking for a non sexual spanking play partner who can also give discipline!

  3. I am a Florida based Disciplinarian accepting new mentees/spankees for 2020. I am based in Tampa and travel for my career so I am available in several states. As a Disciplinarian of 20+ years I have used spanking therapy to help many adults for a host of things whether it was procrastination, poor study habits, drinking too much, quitting smoking, laziness, poor work ethic, keeping fitness regimens and many other irresponsible behaviors. If you are lacking accountability in life, feel free to inquire.  I have worked with many on this site over the last few years so if you are serious I'm sure I can help.  This year make and KEEP your New Year's resolutions!

    You are welcome to send me a private note with any questions you may have.

    Happy New Year!

    1. Laur89


      Hello nice yo meet you 

    2. Spankmered57


      Would love to chat with you l live in Tampa and have a lot of issues that need correction.  I did send you a email 

    3. SpankorBSpanked


      Do you only spank females?

  4. While it’s ideal to have the discipline take place right away after the infraction, it’s just not always possible. I have several I mentor in other states so unfortunately there is a often a waiting period until my next business trip. The anticipation is part of it and I always remind them they will still be held accountable regardless of the time elapsed.
  5. Yes, I use them on occasion. I would say the ideal size is 5/16" x 36". They can and will break eventually. How hard you are swinging them will determine how long they last. The good news is they are cheap. You can go with a 1/4" as they are more flexible but I have found they will break much easier.
  6. I have the wooden one with 6 holes and the "Frosty" lexan stick with just a little bit of texture. The lexan is light weight, makes a good travel implement and has flex to it which is nice. (And YES it REALLY STINGS)
  7. It means emergency - you are about to get your butt blistered.
  8. Many people come here for different reasons. Some just like to share experiences, some just like to chat and others actually do want to meet in real life. And it's a good mix. I've been on here for 3 years and have met up with close to a dozen with similar interests. I was involved in mentoring/discipline for twenty years before joining and was actually referred to this site by one of my EE's. I do travel for business which presents more opportunities and living in a vacation destination doesn't hurt either. The first step is being honest with yourself and figuring out exactly what you want out of it and then sharing your interest with others. I would agree with others that you'll need to "put yourself out there" a little more or maybe even attend some events as a means of gaining exposure.
  9. I will be in the Charlotte area next week on 2/21-22 and taking appointments as time permits. Feel free to inquire.

    1. Spankedcheeks


      I have messaged you. My phone got stolen and got new one. Don' have your number anymore. 

    2. Florida Disciplinarian
  10. Thanks for making time for me.  Nothing better than being on vacation and getting spanked.  I'm a happy (but sore) girl :).  Good to meet you.  

    1. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      You're welcome!  Feel free to contact me anytime you are in the area. Florida is the perfect place for natural and (synthetic) tannings.

  11. She must have one REALLY long cane!!!!!
  12. Kind of wish you were closer to North Central Florida

    1. Show previous comments  2 more
    2. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      Hi, Yes i'm in Tampa, about and an hour to an hour and 20 mins away depending on what area. I'm about 65 miles from the Disney exit.

    3. Jenna1220


      Do you have flexibility and any interest in meeting?

    4. Florida Disciplinarian
  13. I will be dishing out discipline in Louisiana and Mississippi Wednesday -Friday this week.  Feel free to pm and inquire.

    1. Dherm66


      this coming week?

    2. Florida Disciplinarian

      Florida Disciplinarian

      No, I was there the week before Halloween. I do stay in Baton Rouge and Nola on business so I will be back.

    3. Dherm66


      I can come to BR, can you tell me more what you do and like to see a pic of you pls

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