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  1. I'm also part of the Church of Christ. I was born and raised and went to almost every youth group trip, even helped chaperone when I was older. It was not uncommon at the church I went to for the minister to encourage the disciplining of kids with spanking. You could always see some of us kids shuffle a little in our seat at the mention of the word "spanking". In a group setting, all most all tried to hide that fact that they got spankings. I guess the whole, "I'm too old and mature" thing came into play. However, one-on-one, we'd be more willing to admit to each other that we still got i
  2. A new semester and a fresh slate! Hopefully it will go better than last semester.

  3. Life got really busy and after being gone for a while, I'm back and looking to improve my behavior.

  4. Thank you all so much for your comments. It has definitely brought new perspectives that I hadn't thought about. It maybe that this need is due to the pressures of growing up. I also agree that I would rather be spanked for bad grades before I end up failing the class. I can relate to knowing from a young age that I needed these boundaries. Looking up spanking-related things definitely increased my interest. The internet really has had a great effect upon society. Especially, bringing together people who aren't what mainstream society presents. For example, I can come on here and talk about
  5. Hey all, Does it seem like there are more people in their twenties seeking out spankings than before? If so, why do you think this is? Millennials do approve of spanking more so than any other age group but that pertains to the spanking of children. See the link below: http://www.washingtonpost.com/blogs/wonkblog/wp/2015/03/05/millennials-like-to-spank-their-kids-just-as-much-as-their-parents-did/ I ask because a lot of emerging/young adults in my generation are delaying adulthood. There are many reasons for this but bottom line a lot are depending more and more on their parents well past
  6. I'm receiving a spanking for my grades on Thursday, I'm nervous and this will be the first time we have met. I hope all goes well and that I'm able to change my behavior. Even at 26 I still feel like an irresponsible kid.

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    2. selfspanker1


      I know how you feel expect mine was for missed assignments or late ones. Both left my bottom rather sore for sure! But it change my behavior and helped me finish the semester. :)

    3. learningandgrowing


      I've had that issue as well. Glad to know it changed your behavior!

    4. selfspanker1


      And just so you know I'm 24 >.<. Trust me when I say, when I have to go to my mentor and tell him that I didn't do an assignment I feel like my grade school self all over again. The one big paper I missed was an awful spanking, but it made me more focused, if anything, to avoid another spanking like that!!!

  7. I'm a 26 year old male in South Alabama looking for the same thing. It's been much needed for a while. I wish you the best!
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