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  1. Happy Christmas everybody and hope things are okay for you all. Regards Jo.
  2. Wildflowers & All the rest by Tom Petty, 2020 3 lp version. Originally issued in 1994, this just has some great playing and on the record very natural wide ranging sound joined by ten tracks Warner Bros didn't want on the album for cost issues but restored to this edition.
  3. I was on my Windows laptop using Pale Moon, thanks. It looks like it does to you when I used the Chromebook that uses Chrome exclusively.
  4. Speaking personally, for me that is better so I can see and read replies although the quotes remain full white background, thank you.
  5. Thanks Drooaygah and Spanknutt for joining the Moderation team
  6. First off you getting better is MY priority C.O.L. I did try the Blue theme but I had a number of problems with it. The first was the expanse of brilliant white drove my eyes crazy to the point I could not focus on it. It's not uncommon with those of us like me with severe dyslexia, it's usually better filled with light to mid tone such as light brown or my favourite vanilla as that stops the dazzling effects. The second is the contrast of the black text on that theme is too low for me to read clearly - I can't seem to lock on to the text - which preversly is easier on the whit
  7. Not getting into the politics (we don't need that on here) but a part of you are saying rings true for those of us over here with the Brexit Referendum and last years General Election where those tensions and attended divisions within families and friends still remain like a itchy scab.
  8. It's a bit dark in here,what😁 I'm sure it will be fixed so if you're like me and not great with white on black for readability it's best not to get in funk over it. I mean that's a great way to end up over a chair...
  9. I don't hold personally in using spanking in preference to seeking appropriate professional advice in the instance of clinical depression but would agree that can help with procrastination issues that may be impacted by a more general 'feeling low' or overloaded at a sensory level I fail to take a necessary action.
  10. Unless the spankee is hug averse (and a few folk are) then I do think there's a lot to be said for hugs afterwards not least for those of us who come at this thing from a neo-parental "loving discipline" angle as its an opportunity to affirm you love and care for them and for us to express our regrets for letting ourselves down.
  11. Middle, more left to my own devices and given a big disability card I learned to play which didn't do me any good. Grounding never felt like a punishment simply cos I needed to have someone with me to go out so it wasn't as if I missed being able to hop on a bike and play at will, it was just a delay I just took as part of my life not learning anything from it and as I was often promised things that never happened I just got to the point of feeling "So what. They don't care"
  12. It is an uphill struggle with not just visits to disciplinarians off but also littles several days together meets too that are more a child-like holiday some of us need badly with playmates and their Caregivers. I'm spending as much time out of doors, well away from the built up areas given my own health vulnerabilities as I can and only catching up any updates on this virus as needed as just looking for updates by the hour only makes me feel more worried and stressful.
  13. It's wrapped in with it as a part of the life and overall context I lived in that era that I find actually comforting although like C.O.L. I wouldn't say it's inherently so, like you have to be more in tune with being 'Little' to get the sort of connection some of us have to the entire business of being treated "younger than our years" which would take in non c.p. discipline such as being sent early to bed, lines and so on too. Some of us really like nay appreciate being cared for people who provide much of the structure including rules to keep us healthy and good that we had back then.
  14. Generally if it lacks consent, is abusive or involves children in any way, shape or form. All else is person taste and understanding for me and some here it's more discipline based, for others it is openly sexual. Nothing wrong or right about those two takes. While it's okay to be sensitive, I think you have to recognize online some people are so sensitive and quick to judge that they do see things where nothing offensive is meant or implied, themselves leaping into aggressive stance. I'd stand by the notion if you have any doubt, a good moderation team would encourage discrete discussio
  15. It's known to many of my friends who are mainly littles that I'm an 'ee as are a number of them and it isn't uncommon for me to be spanked in private but whilst they are on the premises which is fine cos we all operate on the basis our lives are through consent as we feel comfortable with so while BDSM isn't my thing, the odd one may be 'tied up' quite literally, if that gets their rocks off I'm happy and they're happy with spanked me. It also means I can get a second opinion on anything I was thinking about exploring easily. I just find being in an open circle that accept I have a NEED t
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