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  1. Keeping things brisk and minus graphic detail, it was the backdrop of most of my education being pre 1987 and the outlawing of in state schools over here. In general for infants it was either hand spanking or the slipper (in reality a plimsoll) and in juniors the same with the cane on hand for girls and across shorts for boys for more serious offences by the head teacher. My boarding school Where I was from 11 onward was the same except you could be spanked by Matron for stuff like being up after lights out without good reason or leaving your room untidy too as they had the authority to act in law as a "reasonable parent would" in their absence. Generally if you got it at our schools you pretty much asked for it like back chatting your teacher, refusing to study quietly or as I did throwing ink around the playground for a lark regardless of disability or any connection to school such as having a parent on the governing body.
  2. A recreation of a 8 Track I grew up is now being played: Various Artists: Black Expression Ronco 1974, a mixture of soul, funk and odd bit of reggae that crammed 24 tracks and 62 minutes into a record and 8 track which sounded better than the record actually. Now how did they fit all this in? Well try fading songs out early and cutting a verse out, eliminate most of low notes on the record cos they take up room and use a low volume and hey you have slotted in! The 8 track had low notes and decent sound levels!!! Roll on to 2009 and I've got that 8 track professionally repaired but the fade outs and that still irritate on my Akai 8 track recorder but I have a MiniDisc desk so I decided to "recreate" this album finding the full length versions of each song from cd and the odd bought Mp3 download, get the average levels per song pegged so everything sound roughly the same volume and copy to MiniDisc in the 8 track running order. That compilation now sounds much better and runs for about a third longer. Blame It on The Pony Express :love:
  3. JoKitten


    It would be tempting. 🤣 Honestly you can't change the controllers for the newer heating systems with lots of settings without ensuring everyone knows the correct way to change settings from the top down.
  4. Just playing "From the Original Mastertapes" Buddy Holly & the Crickets UK MCA 1986 cd mastered by Steve Hoffman. The best this material ever sounded.
  5. It's of relevance as an "adult little" who is regressed although as COL understands what gets my ire and I think I could say hers is when we are not talking about actual memories and personal experiences but rather more into disguised discussion of actual child discipline as applying to actual children (aka anyone today under 18 according to ones birth certificate) which as a "adult" site we cannot be into and to whom any of us who were parents AND looking for discussion in connexion with one own children would go to parenting sites for. For some of us we do have "ages" some who are more into "Age Play" may have one specific one, some may vary others of us who do regression are in that age centred frame of mind but part of this can cover the role in which the one who is the "ER" may be cast ie Parent type figure and your own role "child in relationship" who is an "EE" the extent to which you may dress more in tune with it so we may refer to it in places like here making it plain we're NOT talking about an actual child. I don't personally feel anything under CG/l or CGLre (Caregiver/little) should be off limits.
  6. JoKitten


    It's important to grieve as unpleasant as it is as aids that process which can never replace those memories you had of that person but does help you continue making a life for yourself. (((Hugs)))
  7. Personal welfare and safety as at times I just fail to consider things in the rush act on impulsive of which I have many
  8. Brahms Sonatas for Piano and Violin as performed by Maria Joan Pires and Augustin Dumay 1992 DG cd.
  9. For some of us, the focus is on encouragement and training in self-discipline that for a variety of reasons we struggling at whereas to me punishment is what is over an above that which may even come in afterward if we didn't take our being disciplined by consent respectfully.
  10. Sometimes you think you're coping by hanging around the workplace, taking on a spot of overtime too but you're not really processing your emotions and in such as situation as J's you need to because dementia takes a lot from you having a Uncle presently with it and keeping my eyes peeled for his partner that much is obvious. Sometimes you just have to do something to get them to sit up and take note of their own needs in all this.
  11. Thanks the update although we could send the software to the Norty Corner!🤩
  12. I think it might be a good idea for an EE to offer up a contribution anyway to travelling expenses if this topic wasn't discussed before as it's for your benefit as much as they get satisfaction from delivering it.
  13. I'd agree, shygurl. As a little and age regressor there certainly is no 'scene' and 'play' in TTWD in that context in my life as it's just mutually agreed rules and consequences that flow in real time nothing more.
  14. "But I said I was sorry a second ago..."
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