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  1. It is an uphill struggle with not just visits to disciplinarians off but also littles several days together meets too that are more a child-like holiday some of us need badly with playmates and their Caregivers. I'm spending as much time out of doors, well away from the built up areas given my own health vulnerabilities as I can and only catching up any updates on this virus as needed as just looking for updates by the hour only makes me feel more worried and stressful.
  2. It's wrapped in with it as a part of the life and overall context I lived in that era that I find actually comforting although like C.O.L. I wouldn't say it's inherently so, like you have to be more in tune with being 'Little' to get the sort of connection some of us have to the entire business of being treated "younger than our years" which would take in non c.p. discipline such as being sent early to bed, lines and so on too. Some of us really like nay appreciate being cared for people who provide much of the structure including rules to keep us healthy and good that we had back then.
  3. Generally if it lacks consent, is abusive or involves children in any way, shape or form. All else is person taste and understanding for me and some here it's more discipline based, for others it is openly sexual. Nothing wrong or right about those two takes. While it's okay to be sensitive, I think you have to recognize online some people are so sensitive and quick to judge that they do see things where nothing offensive is meant or implied, themselves leaping into aggressive stance. I'd stand by the notion if you have any doubt, a good moderation team would encourage discrete discussion around topic, posting style and any disrespectful conduct on or off the forum IF it centred on activity here between them and you.
  4. It's known to many of my friends who are mainly littles that I'm an 'ee as are a number of them and it isn't uncommon for me to be spanked in private but whilst they are on the premises which is fine cos we all operate on the basis our lives are through consent as we feel comfortable with so while BDSM isn't my thing, the odd one may be 'tied up' quite literally, if that gets their rocks off I'm happy and they're happy with spanked me. It also means I can get a second opinion on anything I was thinking about exploring easily. I just find being in an open circle that accept I have a NEED to be spanked helps.
  5. Was playing yesterday Rush: Moving Pictures 2015 re-issued vinyl. YYZ ❤️ https://youtu.be/LdpMpfp-J_I
  6. Municipal conveniences, education (subject to a 'key workers and vulnerable children' exception to be met somehow...), museums, crown court sessions beyond three days theatres and movie theatres are shut here. Like much of the english speaking world we also have wilderbeest that strip shops of anything even robbing people of that modern day gold dust, the roll of toilet paper. Things may be said to be going down the pan!
  7. No, the cane is no more abuse than any other implement inlcuding the hand because what makes anything abusive is not that but the attitude a person brings to it. Remember abuse need not and sadly isn't just physical.
  8. It's one thing to argue for the means not to have avatars and the like displayed if you prefer but quite another to suggest a bottom cannot (or should not) be displayed on a site that is about spanking rather or not it's sexual or for some of us more disciplinary in nature because that is usually the seat that receives what we're about. Yes such an avatar might not be what you may wish others to use in say a work place or public transport but in such settings there is a good chance the text itself may be overseen which may make for awkward conversations and blushes. I wouldn't for instance open a Anime magazine that might have ads or features of content 15 or over on a crowded bus not because I think there's anything wrong with it or because of issues with bodies but more out of consideration for people who haven't chosen to view what I may like or feel comfortable with.
  9. I can remember being swatted in the palm with a ruler when I was younger but let's say I wouldn't advocate it.
  10. JoKitten

    I'm Back

    Welcoming you back to our place. 😎 (((Hugs)))
  11. It sometimes happens that way but then this is all talked through and part of the 'on file' permission if they feel I need a quick jolt to remind over something. Doing it without consent or in company where it may not be accepted has risks I'd say.
  12. I'm trying to cut back the time I spend on Tumblr following Age Regression communities as its far to easy to be posting, liking and reblogging things not least cute cat memes and find the clock hands have moved several times round the dial.
  13. It gets messy deleting profiles not least when it takes away posts that may quote or respond to another person in that thread which may content things of value to all so unless the reason is of a truly one of a kind exceptional nature I wouldn't support it as sometimes you find people take time out because other pressing issues in their lives and then return so deletion achieves nothing of value.
  14. Is there a more effective way to establish any relationship other than being upfront about our preferences and how TTWD fits into our lives? It's great to be sensitive but so long as no harm is being done if that isn't something that is you well why not just move along cos we're all different anyhow.
  15. It may have a place within it but the bigger thing is to obtain competent counselling and support for your mental health needs .
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