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  1. I don't cry very often, but when I do, it's almost always when I'm Otk. That position provokes a lot of emotions in me. Being little and helpless come to mind.....
  2. Birthday spanking turned real in a hurry tonight.

  3. Her: I hope you remember this for a long time! Me: I'm sure I will. If there would have been a fly on my butt, he would have limped away! She made sure I remembered the one that immediately followed.
  4. I know how you feel about accepting the discipline. It's nice to know someone cares enough to make things better. I also get spanked anytime she thinks I deserve it. Those are usually much worse. The maintenance is just to reinforce where we stand and to serve as a reminder to toe the mark.
  5. Does anyone else get maintenance spankings on Sunday night? And if so, how bad? Mine range from relatively mild to rather severe depending how my week went or if there are any issues she feels need improvement for the upcoming week. Waiting until 10:00 hoping she is pleased with the last week.....
  6. It's really stingy. Whenever I get it with the spoon, it's really hard and fast. For such a little object, it can get me to the panic stage pretty quick.
  7. Be aware of bruises or marks when you have a doctors appointment!!!! Hehe
  8. Haha, sounds like "just the belt" was more than enough!
  9. It sounds like your experience with the belt has created a very good deterrent and a positive change in your long term habits. Such a good feeling, even if it took a traumatic experience. In our house, the razor strap and the cane are reserved for these kind of things, and while rarely used, just the thought of them is a good reminder to make good choices.
  10. I know what you mean. The longer I can feel it, the more time I have to think about it and develop a habit of not repeating the behavior. So glad you are safe!
  11. My butt looks like roadkill......

  12. I know where you are coming from. We struggled with this early on in our relationship. You crave being held accountable to him. The fact that he didn't punish you when you knew you had it coming made you feel like he didn't care. He thinks he will get through to you by not spanking you because he thinks that is all you crave. So, yes, he did in fact punish you. By making you feel unloved and uncared for which is pretty unfulfilling for those of us who desire loving discipline. With me, that takes away all desire to seek approval or even worry about trying to do better. It just makes you feel like the one you love has turned their back to you. Chances are, this is not how he wants you to feel and he won't know you feel this way unless you tell him. Communication is very important, don't stop trying. Ands while you still need to discuss things in person, texting has worked well for us because sometimes it's easier to open up with things that are hard to say when they are looking you right in the eye.
  13. Any kind of disobedience or rudeness, not getting my chores done on time, back talking, or anything else she decides. My wife will spank at the drop of a hat, but she is also very fair about it. She doesn't do it unless I deserve it. She doesn't really have any specific rules, but I know when I have crossed the line and she always follows through. I must admit, it's usually my mouth that gets me in trouble.
  14. Woobie, no worries, I sent the pm to lil-trblemkr. And check out iPads.....since I got one, I hardly ever use the big puter.
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