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  1. I love how he uses the girl as a shield: “I get it! They come out at you!” It’s great how Ellen wipes away her tears from laughter.
  2. Yes, that does look like it stings. Naughty bottoms beware!!!
  3. I'm in my 20's. It's hard making new friends sometimes. At least, that's how I feel. I've glanced at a few profiles and I see a lot of younger spankos, so we are out there.
  4. Edited: Oops! I replied before I saw how old the original post was. My apologies!
  5. I can't say much for the sting because I never experienced it, but aesthetically speaking... this paddle is adorable!!! ♥♥♥
  6. It looks like a tennis racquet. I was on the tennis team in highschool and had my bottom smacked on multiple occasions, (all in good fun!). This certainly looks like it would sting much more!
  7. That really sucks. I’ve had people steal my artwork before. It's not fun. Hopefully, you'll be able to find a place where you can share your work with people you know you can trust.
  8. A sore bottom makes me feel loved and cared for.
  9. I’m usually held in a gentle embrace afterwards. For me, I'm not interested in sex after being disciplined for behavior that I’m likely ashamed of. The cuddling and the whispered consolations let me feel that I’m forgiven. I like to feel reassured. I also like the sense of togetherness.
  10. Oh, how I miss this show! Good times.
  11. Wow, you do have a really cool blog. Keep it up!
  12. Genie

    TV Shows

    Off the air, I like “Breaking Bad,” “Slings & Arrows,” and “3rd Rock from the Sun.” For currently on the air, I like “Murdoch Mysteries” and “Whose Line…”
  13. That is a beauty. Hope you get a lot of use out of it!
  14. Genie


    Awww, that is so sweet! Happy Birthday indeed! These little ones grow up so fast.
  15. Oh, she is super cute and very styling! ♥
  16. No more snowball fights for us. The snow has finally started to melt outside.

  17. I like to wear floral scents. The two I probably wear most are Chloé and White Shoulders. I just think they have a very soft, romantic, and feminine scent. But sometimes I just wear essential oils. I like the scents of vanilla, coconut, and most flowers.
  18. Leprechauns will spank you for stealing their pot of gold.
  19. Oh, no, Valentine's is coming to an end. How I don't want this day to be over just yet! :)

  20. Both paintings are very beautiful, but I must say that I really love the first one. It's so clever.
  21. Isn't there a 'Do Not Call Registry?' Either way, I usually ask the telemarketer to remove my name from their list. They have always been polite about it. But it is remarkable how many Carnival Cruises and Walmart gift cards I have won... ;P
  22. Oh, my gawd, he's so cute! I hope he has a lot of cuddles coming his way!
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