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  1. Where in upstate, son? Rochester here.
  2. i will ask again: Can you host?
  3. Has any adult male received biblical discipline from a pastor or minister from a more traditional church? Are there any here willing to do that or who can recommend someone who would? Or any pastor or minister willing to discuss this by email or phone?
  4. We have spoken about this before and you indicated an inability to host. The above message about "coming to me" now suggested you can host. Is that true?
  5. Would there by any chance be any real Dads on this site willing to chat by phone or guys who have been spanked by real Dads?
  6. When we have communicated in the past, you were unable to host. Has that changed now?
  7. Are there any real Dads on this site willing to chat by phone?
  8. Son -- Do you ever get to Rochester? Interested at all in M/m (Dad/son) spankings?
  9. Son -- There are plenty of Dads in college towns willing to oblige. You don't tell us your location --- so how would a Dad know?
  10. Do you ever get to Rochester by any chance?
  11. has not set their status

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