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  1. Telegram let’s you chat without sharing a phone number— I think!
  2. Hello! I'm Nyala, long-time spankee (though discovering my switch side), looking to make new spanko friends for real-life (only) play in Boston. (I have travelled a lot for spanking partners in my time but I am giving that a rest. So please be local or able to visit!) The kind of spanko I am: I'm a lover of intricately conceived ageplay worlds. Writing about, talking about, and planning a spanking scene are half the fun for me. The thrill of creating a unique play dynamic with someone over time is one of the great passions of my life. The actual spanking is secondary (but a close s
  3. LittleNyala


    I'm in Melbourne and I'm a girl!
  4. Hi there, I'm looking for a regular play partner to spank me. I enjoy ageplay so I'm best suited to a spanker who likes the disciplinarian, daddy/mommy, or babysitter roles. I am open to both men and women. I have a little bubble butt (my avatar is me) and I love to brat! Thanks, Nyala
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