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  1. If this isn't the quintessence of bottoming from the top, I don't know what is! And well done, well thought out, written with just the right blend of restraint and ardor.
  2. I agree. For so many reasons. Implements, from the kitchen area and personal grooming. Spatulas. Hair brushes. Bath brushes. Even erotic books. Don't get me started on the clothes...
  3. Some very good thoughts have arisen here regarding this subject. And the "sound of spanking" is of course part of the whole experience. I do remember feeling an icy chill run up my spine when hearing somebody else get it, or getting scolded, or just hearing the threat! So I guess in an ideal situation we would be able to use effective, and loud, items for the punishment. Ideal situations are indeed rare, though. Back to implements...anybody ever try one of those rubber spatulas? Some of them have a thick, heavy end, where the icing scraping part is, but the quality ones have a certain weight, and the elastomer or pliable plastic has a well designed surface, and it makes a quiet, but very stingy thwack, upon a sorry bottom...Maybe I can come back with an image of one of the better ones.
  4. Getting a real spanking can be so noisy, especially if you've been bad enough, or disrespectful enough, to have your disciplinarian send you to get the hairbrush and tell you those panties have to come down. What will the neighbors think? Has certainly run through a bad girl's or boy's humiliated mind as the spanking resumes and the sound carries-- to say nothing of the moans or cries inspired by the shame and sting. By neighbors, of course I mean any sorts of nearby bystanders, whether in a hotel, motel, resort, apartment, or townhome. Those hairbrushes, paddles, straps and belts can be loud, right? What have you done to muffle the sound, to minimize it? I have a few ideas about implements, masking and muffling, distracting sounds, etc. Perhaps this has been covered before, but lately? Couldn't find a recent thread. I'll start with this, inspired by the recent discussion i just read here about hairbrushes: I think, counter-intuitively, that the more solid, weighty ones, which tend to be older or vintage, may be quieter, and sting more, and be more feared and dreaded, than newer, lighter models of hairbrush. And yet, is sound an important aspect of the entire aesthetic? Yes, so completely noiseless wouldn't do, would it.
  5. Yes, I thought of this one too! And usually the illustrations for any printed published version of the rhyme featured children waiting in line, the backs of their pajama bottoms unbuttoned, and one over-the-knee already, lots of variations and I remember several.
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