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  1. This is simply to declare that this girl is Seriocirculant, which is to say a repeating pattern of rotating deliciousness.

  2. Now I've left something on yours! -Renèe

  3. So, I'm told there's stuff here besides a chat room to lurk in? Introductions are always a little awkward, I'd prefer to just play my theme song at this point but since this isn't really practical due to my not having one I suppose I'll just have to do the best I can. So, I am... English, with all that that implies, especially the bits about tea and a love of corporal punishment, I'm a writer in the sense that i write things rather than the much cooler sense of being paid to write them. I'm a spanker although to what extent I see it as a lifestyle thing rather than just a fun element to relationships kind of varies. Certainly I miss it when it's not an option and ever since I figured out the appeal of spanking I've found it fascinating and not a little distracting. As far as everything else about me goes, I'm sure anyone who needs to know will find out and I'm not sure what else to say right now that would be relevant. To those I've already met in chat, hello again, to everyone else hello the first time.
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