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  1. Still looking for a non sexual spanking play partner in Arkansas, I am disabled and can’t drive, also can’t host! Please only older males message me! 34-50! 

    1. Spankmered57


      I am looking for someone that will spank me red and I can also return the favor. I live in Tampa Florida but we need to be discreet about it. I am a 63 year old man!!

  2. I need this badly! Love the picture ❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟!
  3. Would love to chat! 


  4. Interested in finding a non sexual spanking play partner who can give discipline spankings! 

    1. Spankmered57


      I am looking for the same I live in Tampa Florida check out my blog'slarge.IMG_20201030_155702.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_152731.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_161811.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_155902.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_161828.jpg

  5. Would love to chat with you! I’m looking for a non sexual spanking play partner who can also give discipline!

  6. 32 Rogers Arkansas! Disciplinarian Need ASAP! Hi my name is Wylde, and I am looking for a disciplinarian in Arkansas! I’m a masochist when it comes to spankings and have been spanked with almost every implement there is! I’m trying to find someone who would be interested in giving me discipline spankings but also can give fun spankings! I looking for someone who is experienced in giving spankings! Looking for mature older guys! I need someone who is going to be Safe Sane and Consensual! Someone who will listen to safe words! Someone not interested in sex or bondage or anything hardcore.
  7. Interested in chatting if you still are looking for someone! Wylde!
  8. Looking for a male spanker in Arkansas! Let’s chat! Wylde! 

  9. I’m in Rogers, looking for a male spanker! 

    1. Cajun1971


      I sent you a private message.

  10. I’m looking for someone to spank me, I also need discipline! Nothing sexual., Just looking forward hard spankings! Not interested in anything else! Please feel free to contact me! Wylde!
  11. Would love to chat with you!

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