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  1. Still looking for a non sexual spanking play partner in Arkansas, I am disabled and can’t drive, also can’t host! Please only older males message me! 34-50! 

    1. Spankmered57


      I am looking for someone that will spank me red and I can also return the favor. I live in Tampa Florida but we need to be discreet about it. I am a 63 year old man!!

  2. I need this badly! Love the picture ❤️🌟🌟🌟🌟!
  3. Would love to chat! 


  4. Interested in finding a non sexual spanking play partner who can give discipline spankings! 

    1. Spankmered57


      I am looking for the same I live in Tampa Florida check out my blog'slarge.IMG_20201030_155702.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_152731.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_161811.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_155902.jpglarge.IMG_20201030_161828.jpg

  5. Would love to chat with you! I’m looking for a non sexual spanking play partner who can also give discipline!

  6. Looking for a male spanker in Arkansas! Let’s chat! Wylde! 

  7. I’m in Rogers, looking for a male spanker! 

    1. Cajun1971


      I sent you a private message.

  8. Would love to chat with you!

  9. wolfswyldefyre24


  10. I’m Wylde, I’m a masochist, spankee little, and learning how to be a better submissive. I’m not interested in a whole lot of the hardcore BDSM. I’m not a top, so please don’t ask me to be your top. Also not a Mommy and am not interested in diaper play. I’m mostly interested in getting non sexual spankings! I also like role play! When it comes to spankings it’s a drug for me the more I get it the more I want it! I’m pretty hardcore when it comes to spankings and can take a pretty hard licking and still want more, you don’t have to take my word for it, watch my videos look at my pictures talk to my play partner Lefty, I tell no lies when it comes to how much I can take, that being said doesn’t mean I’m going to just let anyone spank me. There are rules in place for your safety as well as mine! If you are interested in giving me a spanking these are the guidelines, don’t like them well then don’t message me! 1. Safe Sane and Consensual always! 2. Safe Words must be allowed no exceptions 3. AfterCare is a must, if you are going to play hard you must provide aftercare! 4. No full nudity is allowed 5. Nothing sexual 6. No type of bondage or whips are allowed! 7. If I don’t feel safe I don’t play! 8. Before you play with me we meet up at a public place! 9. No heavy blood is to be drawn! I know it seems like a lot of things that you can’t do, and I am sorry if that upsets you but these rules are here to protect me as well as you! Now here is a list you are allowed to do within reason! 1. Bare bottom spankings are allowed but Warm ups are required unless it’s discipline. 2. I can handle pretty much implement that you might have! 3. Corners Time is allowed and encouraged 4. Bruises are light marks are allowed and wanted! 5. Filming is ok as long as you are ok with it, please stick to calling me Wylde if we are filming! 6. Mouth soaping is allowed ( this doesn’t me I won’t fight you on this, and it’s only allowed for cussing or back talking!) 7. I have a very very high pain tolerance so make sure you can keep up your pace! 8. I’m looking for a non sexual spanking play partner! 9. I don’t have a vehicle and can’t drive. 10. My house isn’t exactly set-up for hosting so I would rather it be at your place or somewhere that has place for us to play! 11. I’m collared, and have a Dom but do to health issues and that fact that he works odd hours, he can’t be the Dom I need, but I don’t hid anything from him and we have a 3 strike rule! 3 strikes and your not allowed to play with me ever again! I’m located in Rogers Arkansas! I’m only interested in guys spanking me! Not interested in anything else except spankings!

    Looking for a non sexual spanking play partner (Guys only)! If interested please read my profile and send me a message! I promise I don’t bite😊


  12. wolfswyldefyre24


    Love this ❤️
  13. Home of free because of the brave!!!

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