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  1. I mostly get spanked for fun and pleasure, but also like to roleplay for naughty little girl spankings too.
  2. Spanking, then cuddles, then bedtime equals one happy girl!
  3. By all means, pull them down, but leaving them on (ankles, knees, just below the cheeks) is just so much better than taking them off, imho.
  4. Why is it so much hotter when they leave the panties on?
  5. Don't be afraid to ask for what you want, seems to be a common theme!
  6. If you want to call me baby, just go ahead now. And if you'd like to tell me maybe, just go ahead now. And if you wanna buy me flowers, just go ahead now. and if you'd like to talk for hours, just go ahead now.

    1. Gator


      biddy bidit! etc lolo

    2. AKS


      Great tune

  7. Thanks for the great responses! I love good girl spankings, and that's mostly what I get now. Maintenance is a good suggestion, but anything that must be done regularly seems like a chore and less spontaneous. Funishment is a new word for me, but I guess it's really just like standard roleplaying, which is how I first started experiencing spankings. I love to hear other people's ideas. Thanks!
  8. Thanks for the responses everyone! For me, being little is about being cherished and not having to worry about taking care of myself. The loss of control and the tinge of humiliation at being treated like a baby is fun too! I'm glad to hear others find it exciting as well.
  9. When I first started exploring my spanking fetish years ago, I assumed that wanting to be spanked meant that I was a submissive. And I do have a strong desire to please and be told I am a good girl. Traveling a little further down the rabbit whole, I discovered the DDlg dynamic and felt like I found a part of myself I never knew was there. Again, I assumed that DDlg meant you needed a dominant daddy and a submissive little girl, so that's how I played it. I asked for a set of rules to follow and to be punished when I was bad. Things like doing assigned chores, not using bad language, aski
  10. Yes, thanks OregonWolf. I usually play in the tween/preteen age range for spankings, but I also like to have some "baby time" where it's less sexual and more about being taken care of and babied. I color, do puzzles, watch old cartoons, and drink juice out of my sippy cup. Some people even wear diapers.
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