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  1. Being spanked seems to increase drive for me and may make me more able to move when my mood is low but with too much of it and I get edema and swelling piling up in my lower limbs. For me to assume the position spanker requires more adult responsibility than my own id or child likes at times, but I am more patient with young men than immature men who want to be indulged by my personal attention. I do not spank women but will dialog with women on the spanking topic per request unless you are a bad girl.
  2. I saw the sun was about to set today, so I stepped out on the deck to enjoy the last soft light. As I was relaxing and saluting the sun it occured that much of the emotional pain I have experienced in spanking relationships, were because I got lost in the joy of my child playing with their child, and in that lost state, I was being "childish" toward the other child. It is hard fo me to play and have fun without regressing to much to much to demonstrate an example of good behavior for a sub. I am an almost down the middle switch. The revelation has an afterglow feeling that my immature self sh
  3. Only if they will send out a fire truck with full crew of real men and plenty of hose!
  4. I suppose it depends on how you are wired. The right amount of spanking works better for me than too much.
  5. Sometimes less is more effective, especially following a silent pause that conveys reflection.
  6. Does Santa really spank or am I just fantasizing!

    1. takemeoveryourkneedaddy


      Wish he would that is one of my biggest fantasies is to get a bare heinie spankings from santa

  7. Being spanked by Santa would be a great way to start the new year with clean slate...

  8. Good story. I think spanking Santas for adults is a great idea. Confessing our misdeeds and getting spanked at the mall in front of everybody once a year would be a great way to start the the year with a clean slate.
  9. I think that discipline, spanking or other forms, can be an aspect of mentoring, but practical constructive mentoring is more about getting the mentee to willingly take responsibility and exert self control over their own behavior than about punishment contingencies such as spanking or verbal rebuke. To become an adult we have to learn to accept rowing our own boat, and while spanking or other discipline contingencies may fill emotional needs by making us feel like we have a parent, my concern is that they don't necessarily teach the mentee how to function in an adult world where no one is goi
  10. How do you get spankees to accept adult responsibility for themselves?

  11. how do you get spankees to accept adult responsibility for themselves?

    1. Manspank


      I don't think the spankee will accept adult responsibility as long as the Sub fantasizes to be completely  dominated. I think growth may be the best hope for someone who cannot bring himself to step outside the fragment they over roll play or are obsessed with. Falling in love with an idea is obsession. I want some real butt in my hands not just a fantasy.

      ts15a (2).jpg

  12. Have a Great Weekend

  13. If you really want to know why, I would start by talking with a therapist about your feelings around your relationship to your mother. From my own experience, I believe that if those initial bonds are not sufficient to nourish our growth in any way, we may seek the experience of being reigned in by a Mommy or Daddy disciplinarian to make use feel emotionally more secure. I could also be that even if you had a very good relationship to her, a memory of being spanked by your Mother made you feel safe and reigned in when you needed an anchor, and if your are challenged or stressed by your life no
  14. I am not necessarily fond of counting swats because it seems to distract from the reason for the spanking, however for punishment spanking that is intense, I find it useful to the spankee when I am topping, and also for me as a spankee, to be able to get through a challenging series of swats, by allowing them or me to see when the end is in sight to the noxious pain currently being endured. For serious behavior modification spanking, I think that if the spankee doesn't feel any need to know how many swats are left, the mentor may not be spanking hard enough to to deter the problem behavior.
  15. An intro spanking is a first spanking specifically for the purpose of establishing a normal medium moderate baseline so that you know what to expect relative to that if you have misbehaved in away that warrants actual punishment. I would wait until the next spanking to address any behaviors you want to modify with punishment. I would have you call out pain levels on a 1-10 scale, for the intro at least, and I would adjust intensity to get you to around 5-6. This kind of spanking can also be done as maintenance just to motivate and focus you and keep clear in your mind what to expect if you ge
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