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  1. Love the picture! I so agree with it! 

  2. That's a cute picture, hope you don't find yourself in that position too often. ;-)

  3. Lovely profile picture!

  4. Good luck to you. Consistent spankers are not very easy to find in this area. At least not in my experience. They talk a good game, but tend to disappear. I hope you have better luck than I have.
  5. It's a good day for a spanking!

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    2. mbadforu


      I'm sure you deserve it..

    3. Gator


      or, you know, a spanking party :D

    4. mbadforu


      Enjoy gator girl.:)  

  6. Seeking Daddy In San Antonio, TX

    You and me, both! Good luck in your search. I hope you find someone
  7. Texas roll call

  8. Spanking needed in San Antonio

    I'm in San Antonio!! lol not that that helps you much, but still
  9. Texas roll call

    Totally late to this party, but San Antonio here!
  10. Hi from Texas

    Most of the good ones live either in that area or Houston, so you are looking in the right place! Hope you find what you are looking for.
  11. Discipline ONLY relationships?

    I've been trying to find the same thing. Honestly, I could have written what you wrote word for word. Someone will turn up, hopefully for both of us! Good Luck!
  12. Sorry about the downtime

    Yay! Yall are awesome! Thanks for all you do
  13. Pet Peeve: Don't say you're gonna do it if you're not gonna do it. As far as I'm concerned, a spanker/top/dom/whatever who does that has no place calling themselves dominant anything

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    2. texascutie


      Well seriously...I know I'm not perfect but if ya see pictures ahead of time, you know what I look like, you can't say months later that it has something to do with how I look though I have a feeling that's what the problem is. That's what the problem usually is.

    3. spanks1


      his loss. Not worth your time

    4. RobertC


      I cant believe it!

  14. Newbie in Texas- looking for discipline

    Hi! There are a lot of spankers and disciplinarians in Texas, especially in your area. I wish you luck in finding yours! Houston has a lot of good groups you can join as well.
  15. Texas Spanking with Mr. Strict

    Thanks for clarifying here, too. As I said before, I must have been tired when I read it first because I can clearly see what you meant now. I saw the part that says "I select my partner more based on looks" and didn't think much more about it before I replied.