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  1. I am late seeing your introduction. I am also from Ontario and glad to welcome you.
  2. No warm means powerfully intense from the first swat right to the end - in my case with a strap and always bare. And I would not have it any other way.
  3. Male - introvert (sort of - quiet not outgoing) - spankee
  4. I would consider a spanking to be the best if it brought me to tears or outright crying. That hasn't happened yet since i self spank and have never been able to bring myself remotely close to that level. I can spank myself hard and long enough to cause bruising, which I do not want, but the pain is hardly more than an unpleasant sting. I use a strap.
  5. I self spank out of necessity, since I don't have a spanking partner. How covid has affected it is that my wife and I are together almost constantly and she has no knowledge of my desire to be spanked, nor can she ever know as it would cause incredible problems for our relationship which, otherwise, is the best. In fact, no one I know has knowledge of my spanking fetish. So I can't self spank. I don't find self spanking to be effective but it is better than no spanking.
  6. I don't think about all the time, but I do think about it a lot - to the point that it is an obsession? I don't know, but regardless I don't worry that it occupies my mind frequently and sometimes for extended periods.
  7. Hi otkcanuk from another Ontario Canada spankee.
  8. I believe OTK is the most submissive. Lying across the spanker's lap is giving yourself or surrendering yourself in a non sexually intimate way to the spanker and the spanking to be received. It makes the spankee feel powerfully vulnerable.
  9. Hello and welcome from yet another Canadian. I also want mine on the bare with a strap.
  10. I was spanked as a child on the bare behind over a parents' knee. Both parents spanked, although dad's were the worst. His would go on forever and if you were over his knee you knew you would be there for a long time, while Mum's were short and to the point. Both parents spanked with their hand. My spanking fetish began when I was in school and discovered the strap. In school the strap was applied to the palm of the hands, not the behind, but I began to fascinate about bare behind spankings with the strap and that fascination continues to this day.
  11. I have had an almost lifelong interest in spanking. My fascination with spanking came when I was in school and discovered the strap. In school the strap was applied to the palm of the hands, not the behind, and I was the recipient of that once…one whack on one hand. None the less, I began to fascinate about bare behind spankings with the strap and that continues to this day.
  12. I self spank out of necessity and it is not particularly satisfying. I can't spank hard enough to hurt with any intensity, although I can cause bruising on occasion which I have to hide. The very odd time I can get the pain level up, I can't force myself to continue to take myself beyond the point of pain tolerance. Finding someone who would be my spanker is not easy for me. Beyond the fact that my personal situation makes entering a spanking partnership extremely difficult, I am very nervous about entering into a spanking partnership. I'm not sure I can find a compatible person that I could trust beyond infinity with whom I could form a discreet spanking partnership.
  13. I am much the same as Pavium. Every 4 to 6 weeks or so I become completely overwhelmed with the need to be spanked. Apart from the fact that I have had an almost lifelong fascination with spanking, I have no idea where this need suddenly comes from. It is not because of something I have done. And it’s not because I have done something different or have not done for some time. And it’s not because I like or look forward to being spanked. It just happens right out of the blue and has to be resolved. The resolution is to be spanked. It is never immediate, but it comes. I do not look forward to it. I do not like to be spanked. I do not want to be spanked. It really hurts and I don’t like to be hurt. But it has to happen and, when the time does come and I am undressed and getting into position, the bottom falls out of my stomach. After it’s over – not immediately after, but later, I feel better and back to normal, until the next time.
  14. The strap. I have had an longtime fascination with being strapped on the bare behind which began when I was in grade school and became aware of the strap which was used by some teaches and the principal for serious discipline issues. At school the strap was applied to the palm of the hands but my imagination went into overdrive and my fascination blossomed. Nothing fancy - a standard one piece strap such as was used in the school system, size adjusted, of course, to accommodate the fact that I am an adult and my butt is bigger than it was back then.
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