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  1. MissBam, did you move to Seattle or are you still living in AZ?
  2. Ouch. I would hate to be over lap! And I know I deserve a spanking.
  3. Asexual here, so no, it's not sexual for me. No matter how much of a biologist you think you are, for a lot of us we are not turned on by it. Sure, sometimes the biology happens but nothing clicks in my head for it. I must be broken.
  4. Going through which city of New Mexico?
  5. I am not too sure if mental disabilities count? I have adult ADHD and need spankings to help control my head. Mostly grades and such but sometimes the type of food I eat because with certain foods I am way too hyper.
  6. In my defense you ask for thoughts, so I gave you mine.
  7. Basically, as Shygurl put it, it was a little extreme for me.
  8. (This commentary is like a book club.) I thought the beginning was good, but the professional didn't seem so professional when she got her feelings hurt. Giving her a whipping instead of talking to her and explaining things further. Seems she took advantage of the situation. Then when her mother was nude in front of her daughter felt inappropriate. If this was a sadistic erotic piece, with that last stroke drawing blood, it was good.
  9. I don't think so. I will not visit the deep south. That place is way too scary.
  10. To be spanked by a southern African American woman. It's odd, I know.
  11. Midterm tomorrow!

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    2. mandyz


      Good Luck!

    3. AdultbutChild


      Thanks everyone! Grades aren't in yet but fingers crossed!

    4. spanks1


      How did you do?

  12. That's right! I should know this since I'm in ROTC and hopefully (if my hearing works out), going to camp next summer. Happy Birthday!
  13. Over the knee. Wait...too late... Nope nope nope! Ouchie!
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