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  1. I got several years worth of spankings from my older sister as a teen. It certainly had its moments.
  2. I fully agree with the "few minutes off" statement. My girlfriend and I were equals in decisions in our relationship, and at work I run the place so I make decisions all day. It's really nice to be able to turn it off for a few minutes and give all control to someone else. I don't consider myself submissive but rather, I'm appreciative of her taking complete control for those few minutes.
  3. Congratulations on the new ownership COL, and thank you for keeping a really great site alive.
  4. I stepped on a nail about two years ago, a few days after being spanked. My usual doctor wasn't available so I saw the woman doctor on call. I had met her before so she wasn't a complete stranger. Yes, you keep your underwear on under the paper gown. The shot was in the upper portion of the buttock though, so she saw the recovering bruises and asked if things were okay at home. I said yes and she just smiled. I've seen her since for other things and it's never come up again. Skipping play sessions for a few days before is a good suggestion, and keeping your pictures separate is always a
  5. Not nude, but bottom bared for a shot perhaps isn't that unusual. The situation where you have spanking pictures on your phone and a law officer sees them though, you could be raising a red flag for no reason if they see the pics. Imagine you are recognizable in the pictures - you look like you've been crying and you have a flaming red bottom. That would be enough for someone who doesn't understand to be concerned. It's probably best to do what you can to avoid the question in the first place. Just smile politely and assure them that everything is fine. They'll drop it.
  6. That's actually pretty simple. When a medical professional sees signs of physical impact they ask that question. If you have bruises, a broken bone, whatever, they are obligated to ask so they can get you help and get you away from an abusive relationship. I can well imagine that if you go to the doctor's office and the doctor or nurse doesn't know you're in a spanking relationship, they could assume that you're disciplined (perhaps severely) in a non consentual way. They'd be asking out of concern for your physical safety. If they see a freshly spanked behind and ask you, just own it. You can
  7. Sheet music for a song by Howard Paul, copyrighted in 1875. Bizarre that such a song existed and it would be a hoot to hear a performance. Over Her Knee.pdf
  8. You'll find that with few exceptions, people here are friendly, helpful and understanding. We've all been beginners at one point. You are using a pretty nonpersonal screen name (which is fine) so anything you choose to talk about will stay pretty anonymous until you're ready to reveal something. Disclosing a first name will go a long way to help people open up to you when you feel ready. Be cautious but also be open to a chance to have a good talk with someone. You'll find that the feelings you thought were yours and yours alone are shared with countless others here.
  9. I'm on Wifey's side here for sure - You can't be too safe. Here's a guide which is mostly relevant and worth taking a look at. Asking here is a good start but you still have to err on the side of caution no matter where you find a partner. http://www.devianceanddesire.com/2015/01/meeting-new-bdsm-partners-safety-newbies-beyond/
  10. Also not a husband. Sometimes the single guys get lucky with their women too.
  11. My guess is that both parties agree that the spankee is pretending to be non consenting. I would imagine that in the sort of play where the spankee is ageplaying a child, or in some prison scenario where the prison uses corporal punishment. Play between adults should always be consenting no matter what - if you want to pretend it's not. Otherwise just paddling someone who didn't consent is likely assault, battery or both.
  12. "Be sure to let us know, Joe. My weekend will not be spank free. Maintenance on Saturday and Sunday is my birthday." I'm headed to her house now and I'm sure there's a spanking in it for me tonight. She gets her feet rubbed all the way through a movie after dinner, and I get spanked afterwards for missing a spot. Or something to that effect. I hope you had a great birthday!
  13. Oh, I see what you did there... It might be a spank-free weekend but I guess I'll find out.
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