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  1. Punishment Generator

    Weird. It wouldn't load on either of my two internet connections, but I went in through a Canadian VPN and it worked fine. Cute idea.
  2. Punishment Generator

    Is it gone already? The page doesn't load.
  3. Take them down!

    Some ERs prefer to bare the bottom themselves. I know women who prefer that to having me bare myself, and some that prefer me to pull them down. I think you hit it though when you said "when she is told to." Listening to instructions is key.
  4. Profile Picture

    One of my first friends here immediately went to "Joe Cool" when we met in chat, so I adopted that as my avatar.
  5. Parent's paddle or spanking implement

    My sister spanked me with a large purple plastic hairbrush. She gave it to me years ago as a gift. My current spanking gf doesn't know about it but previous gfs have spanked me with it.
  6. Spankee's did you ever?

    Its a not a word i use often anyway, but I'm polite as polite can be when I'm being spanked. Regardless of the woman, they always require that I accept my spanking with dignity. Well, as much as you can when you're bare, red and being spanked soundly.
  7. What would you LIKE to be spanked with?

    One of my favorites these days is the 5 gallon can paint stirrer. It feels like a ruler, and because it's intended for paint, there can be all sorts of fun ways to rile someone up enough to use it on your bottom and "paint" it red.
  8. Birthday Spankings

    Birthday spankings were pretty common when I grew up. I had a few close girl friends I exchanged them with, but they were generally over full clothing. Girls mostly wore skirts and dresses back then so the view of a pretty bottom in the skirt was already fun. A few (8, 9, 10) smacks on the pretty bottom was about it. In return on my birthday I got my spanks over my pants until I dated one of them later in high school. It's a fun tradition, no one gets hurt, and it's also a great way to introduce a vanilla to spanking.
  9. That's a back burner desire of mine. My gf wouldn't want witnesses when she's spanking me, so I'd never suggest it. I have been in relationships in the past where it ould have happened, but didn't. I did get a youthful spanking from my sister in front of a friend of hers when we were teens, and a few years ago I was spanked by a family friend where others could hear. What you're describing does sound delightfully tantalizing and terrifying. I suspect that you'd be teased about it mercilessly for years. For me, the teasing afterwards and potential of a repeat performance would be the icing on the cake.
  10. Asking a female friend to spank me

    Has she ever confided something of that importance to you? If she has, then it seems like she'd be a perfect choice to discuss it with. Remember that many people are uncomfortable with spanking - she might be fine with your wanting this, but unable to do it. If she's hesitant after some very gentle prodding, let it go. I've ended friendships by asking as well as making some friendships stronger. You have to go slowly and consider her feelings as you tell her what you need. I wish you the best of luck with this. It's a big ask sometimes but one that's perfect for a good friend.
  11. Ouch

    I would imagine it's a lot like a paint stir stick which I've had lots of experience with. Those sting like an SOB when handled properly!
  12. You may win the prize for the cutest avatar!

    1. toastmytushie
    2. DifferentialP


      It is a good one


    3. crash20636


      Agree.  It got a laugh out of me.


  13. I'm not having much of a problem with either of these questions/statements. Asking you if the spanking hurts and then saying "good" when you confirm it does is doing two things: it provides them feedback that says they did an adequate job of creating the sensations you asked them for. It also gives you pause to reflect on the spanking and in a sense, thanking them for taking the trouble to spank you properly. I don't see it minimizing the pain. Presumably you have a safeword and if she were really causing you unbearable pain you would have stopped the spanking. I can see why she'd say that the teasing questions are about underscoring the lack of control. I can see it that way too, and if were asked in a loving, maternal or teacher sort of way it would be another opportunity of reflecting in why you're there. You want to give up control to someone you trust and she's reminding you that you have. If it were like a bully on the playground - "Nyah, nyah, your mascara's running!! Ha Ha" then yes, I'd agree with you that it was inappropriate. She wants you to come back as a regular customer and her job includes reading you and not saying/doing things that piss you off. I would hope that once you asked her not to do that with you, she stopped.
  14. Best wishes for 2018!

    I'd like to wish all of you the happiest of New Years, good health, and all the best for 2018. May all of you evade (or not as you desire) spankings throughout the year.
  15. Referred to this site by friends

    Welcome to the site, Friendlee!