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  1. in need of a real otk spanking or a spanker willing to talk about it

  2. forget the coal just turn me over your knee and give me a spanking

    1. George Lust

      George Lust

      Geno69: if I could, I would have. Hope you got what you needed, or wanted, for Christmas 2017. Hope you had a great new year's as well; may you be blessed in 2018 and beyond.

  3. Disciplinarian

    I hope you return to see him more often you really need it the way it sounds
  4. looking for that very strict spanker that can spank like I'm there son my last one was back in September and a hair brush was used what do you like to use and what passion do you like to see your spankee in to get there attention fast ?

    1. justin olson

      justin olson

      I'm that person I could give you that pants down at your ankles with your underwear and giving you a real bath brush spanking that will have your attention the whole time and when the tears start to flow I hold you down tighter and spank hard because when a spanked is bawling there eyes out there open to feel the spanking the most, and you will be in the corner thinking about y your crying

    2. geno69


      wish I was there now sir


  5. Texting and driving

    wow some can get away with texting and driving but your right its bad. I do it from time to time but I know its not right
  6. Thank you for following me; anything I can do to help or support you; do not hesitate to ask.

    George Lust

    1. geno69


      I need a spanking


  7. why is it so hard for people to say hello ?

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    2. oklahomaspankee


      Hello Geno, It is not hard at all to say hello and I understand your frustration, hang in there not everyone is to busy to say hello :)

    3. braatman


      Having been totally ignored for so often whenever I'd enter a roon, I got into the habit years ago of greeting people.  I'd always feel good when I got a response.  Especially since it meant that I wasn't thought of as a greeter bot that some chat programs use...

      Why people don't reply can be a number of things.  As FF observed, they may be so preoccupied with looking for a certain friend that they're oblivious to anything else.  They head straight for pm and could care less about the friendly greetings from others.  Another possibility is that they don't want to be trapped in what they consider is a boring, useless (in their minds) conversation that they've had to endure in this room and others.  Maybe they're waiting to see if you're worth their while to chat with. Who knows?

      Is it my imagination, or are the greeting snubbers the same ones who whine about people who don't ask permission before pm'ing?

    4. sweetpea


      I found many including myself when I first came here being shy and not knowing what to say.  So many find it's easier to say nothing.I Ifound trying to greet people in chat worked for me. Now I have many wonderful friends here on SN :)


  8. sure could use a spanking