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    A Place to learn and understand the dynamics involved in a Female-Led-Relationship (FLR) How to introduce the subject to a Lady, Suggestions on how to begin in your FLR-101, The terminology, the pros, the cons, contracts of expectations for those that need it. Some FLR's are very militant some are more go with the flow. But one thing is common in them all, in the end, She decides, She is in charge. She administers consequences for agreed-upon areas of behavior or actions. Men who fast come to realize that they are better men better husbands, son-in-laws- brother-in-laws, uncles, Better off all the way around with Her devoted love and Her wise hand of leadership in our lives. There are many different shapes that this wonderful world can take. But one thing is always common in them all, SHE IS LEADING THE RELATIONSHIP. She is HOH. Let's discuss this subject and keep it respectful. strong opinions are expected here but in no way will disrespect of Women be tolerated, Men alike. Women will be given the right-of-way here. While the club owner is based in Seattle, the club is populated with members worldwide. Let's share and learn about the long-lived history of the world of FLR's Female-Led-Relationships.

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    I wanted to create a group for us younger spanko's to connect with each other and maybe make some new friends. This group is for people in there 20's up to 40's
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