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  1. They let us take a test to skip Geometry in high school. I was so glad. I HATE proofs. My favorite class was trig though. It had more real life applications. And for what it's worth, I still try to figure out real life problems with algebra. Makes it easier for me to think in terms of x and y
  2. I can understand you must be frustrated but it wasn't a waste. There were probably times that were good. There were definitely things that were learned, even if it was what you don't want to do next time. You may or may not be better off without the person. I'm sure there was pain involved and I'm sorry for that. It may be something you regret for different reasons but it wasn't a waste of time just because someone you invested time and emotions with disappeared. Please note I'm not discounting your pain, anyone's pain, just saying that things were learned and you've grown through it and even because they look left, you've grown in learning how to adjust to the new reality. I also realize I'm summarizing for two very different situations, one where you spend time getting to know someone and they flake out and another where a relationship has ended after a significant amount of time and emotion. I'm not trying to trivialize anything. I guess I'm just saying don't LET it be a waste, learn from it and use the things you learned for the next relationship. And no, "I learned not to let anyone else in" is not what I mean even though I'm sure it's easy to feel that way.
  3. Zhev is banned because I have to in order to respond to AG. 1) You "reacted honestly" by essentially telling the writer that his thoughts were pointless and by dismissing it all. 2) It doesn't matter whether you knew the reason behind the poem, it was about regret. Cleary, something happened that the author regrets, that he cares enough about to express his thoughts in a poem. 3) You didn't critique the poem, you attacked his thought process. We've (multiple people) have talked to you about this before. There is a way to word your thoughts that doesn't come across as judgementally.
  4. I am so very sorry that you experienced that. And it sounds like you tried to make sure you followed the safety protocols. The only other thing I can think of that you didn't mention that is a good idea is asking for recommendations. See if you can speak to people he's actually met with. Obviously, he's not going to tell you the people that had bad experiences so if he's really skeezy then it still might not help. References aren't foolproof by any stretch of the imagination but, talking to other people can help you kind of get a feel for him. Unfortunately, there is no way to guarantee that someone will behave as they have promised to. Always listen to your gut as well. Sometimes everything may seem fine but you just get that little feeling that tells you there might be a problem. Even if you can't put your finger on why, always listen to your instinct.
  5. I thought you meant telling lies (or telling stories here) but either way, just couldn't resist taking it a different way.
  6. You don't like people telling tales? I llike telling tales: once upon a time... 😀
  7. I still disagree @AfterGeometry. I understand what you are saying but just because we can't change what happened last time doesn't mean that we can't look at a situation and find a better way to handle it next time.
  8. Dark is banned for banning someone for improper grammar while using numbers as words. 😀
  9. I did too, I said definitely not
  10. A whole alligator, definitely not. I have eaten alligator meat before though. Would you eat goat?
  11. AG is banned because there are too many reasons to mention, but since he wants some: Always complaining Immediately shooting down someone's creative writing where they expose their inner thoughts by telling them that such things are fruitless. (There are other ways to say, don't dwell on it, focus on what you can change, in an encouraging manner.)
  12. And @ukspanko, lovely writing as always.
  13. I completely disagree. If you don't take time to reflect on the things that went wrong and what made it go wrong, you're likely to repeat the same mistakes.
  14. *He says complaining.... AG is banned because he's AG, no other reason needed.
  15. I don't know that either side can be truly comfortable in a true otk position. Clearly, they may prefer it for other reasons but I don't think anyone can say it's comfortable. As one being spanked, I definitely prefer at least my upper body to be supported so at least over the edge of a bed to support my upper half or across a couch to support my whole body is most comfortable for my side which lets me concentrate on the spanking and not falling off. Also, it has to be more comfortable for the spanker not to have my entire weight resting on their lap with no other support. Also, I would think they would be more comfortable if they have their back against something sturdy so in that case, them sitting on the edge of the bed with just my upper body supported, I don't see how that could be comfortable for them. But whatever floats your boat lol
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