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  1. Favorite Spanking Impliment

    Thin wooden paddle that can be used OTK, hairbrush, switch, wooden spoon/spatula.
  2. Mid 20's male looking for a female spanker/disciplinarian in Missouri. I live near St. Louis but travel to Kansas City for work once a month. Not looking for anything 24/7 but whenever we're both free to play would be great. I like traditional otk spankings and household implements but I'll try anything once. I love the anticipation before meeting up and the loss of control during a session. I'd love to talk to any women who like to spank. Thanks.
  3. Female spanker in Vegas?

    I was planning on that, but I probably can't afford her. Was hoping for someone to have a mutual relationship with.
  4. Female spanker in Vegas?

    I just moved to Vegas and have been looking for a female spanker with no luck. If anyone is interested I'd love to talk.
  5. Coming out of the woodshed

    I think there's generally 3 groups of people here: 1) Those who are into it 2) Those who are accepting 3) Those who are appalled I think the first 2 groups far outweigh the last group, but I also think people might lean more towards group 3 in public settings as to not be embarrassed or come off as weird to certain people. When I told my fiance recently I literally had no idea how'd she'd react but I knew I had to tell her. She was firmly in group 2 and responded with a "Is that all??" when I told her, as she was expecting something different/more 'out there.' She's tried it a few times and I think (hope) she travels to group 1 eventually.
  6. Getting Fiance into Spanking

    Whoops, should have been 33.
  7. I have been dating my fiance for almost 9 years now, and I finally told her about my interest in spanking last month. I was pleasantly surprised at her reaction to my admission that I want to be spanked. I can tell it isn't her thing (at least just for now, hopefully) but she doesn't dislike it and is very open to the idea. Here's the thing, though.... She sees spanking as random smacks before and during sex, which is fine. But I'm having a hard time explaining to her that it's much more than that. She doesn't have a controlling personality and isn't sure about taking control. Example: "I'm totally fine with it, you just have to tell me when you want it," or playfully saying "no spanking for you tonight." I want to explain that her being in control is (at least) half the idea of being spanked, but I don't want to turn her off. Any tips from people who have been in this situation? Thanks in advance.