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  1. One problem with identifying real vs. AI-generated is some real people use filters that make their images look similar to AI. I attended a seminar on ChatGPT and Dall-e a couple weeks ago and one of the watch-outs mentioned was phishing scams. Often, these come from overseas and are poorly-worded (like some of the troll posts here, lol) and they are easy to spot. Now, they will be able to write with perfect grammar at whatever level they want to. It will be even harder to determine real from fake so everyone will need be even more aware of the possibility of scams, malware & ransomware attacks, etc. The guy who introduced me to ChatGPT showed me two writings on the same topic. The first he instructed to be written at a 3rd grade level and the second at a Masters level. It was mind-boggling to watch. In case people do not yet know about ChatGPT, it has passed bar exams, medical exams, and such. It basically knows everything that has ever happened in history up through 2021. It can write stories, poems, screenplays, etc. real-time. It's fun to play with (and free for now) but scary as Hell at the same time. It's a new world we live in.
  2. The first woman I ever spanked told me she watched her first spanking. She was spanked by a college professor (although she was not a college student). He placed a mirror in front of her and a mirror behind her so she could watch. She said she really enjoyed it.
  3. He was a middle school teacher and had facial pics and as well as other pics on his profile and did not have them set to "friends only." But here is another thing - just because someone is your friend today doesn't mean they will be your friend tomorrow and any 12 year-old knows how to take a screenshot so "friends only" is not necessarily safe either. I know a woman who was semi in a relationship with a guy and she broke it off when she realized he was lying to her about some things. He took some shots of her profile and sent them to her HR manager. She works in healthcare and had to sign a Code of Conduct agreement.
  4. I'm wondering how many people would enjoy it if they tried it. I know a number of people who never even thought about it until that first smack. I was at a gathering of like-minded folks a few weeks ago and this woman was telling us about her first experience. She said another woman told her "You have a nice butt, can I spank it?" She thought it was kind of strange but she said OK. She said after a few smacks, she was hooked.
  5. You obviously have to know your audience. It's not something you discuss with just anyone, just like I won't discuss politics or religion with just anyone. I know someone who lost his job in education because he was too careless with his Fetlife profile and a couple of students came across it. I also know someone who lost her kids for the same reason. Anyone who works in certain fields, who is in a custody battle, etc. has to be more careful with what they advertise about themselves than others. And if someone like that is foolish enough to post facial pics and such on an adult website, well...that is on them. However, simply telling someone "I enjoy spanking" is pretty harmless and I don't know anyone who has ever had a problem with that.
  6. I will start by mentioning that The book Fifty Shades of Grey sold over 100 million copies worldwide. The movie grossed nearly $100 million in its first weekend in theaters. So, if it's still taboo, there sure were lot of people who were curious about it. In my experience, I am out to a number of vanillas, including my sister, and no one has batted an eyelash. I would say their reactions have ranged somewhere on the spectrum between curiosity and jealousy. I only had to walk it back on time and that was after I told a friend I had gone to a dungeon - he just didn't get that part. I would wager that most people have their own bedroom secrets and they don't spend a lot time judging what someone else does, although we (spankos) tend to worry that they might.
  7. I used to bruise easily even when taking a low dosage aspirin so a blood thinner would be even worse. Having said that, there are different types of spankings. It seems reasonable that a lighter implement that stings the surface of the skin would be ok if applied without too much force. A switch maybe?
  8. And, typically, they have pale skin which makes for nice contrast when you add the red. 🔥
  9. Kari Lake, Lauren Boebert, and Marjorie Taylor Greene, for obvious reasons (lying).
  10. There are often gray areas where a decision needs to be made. You do the best you can to make the decision while weighing all of the circumstances. Sometimes you may get it wrong. There have been situations where I spanked when I wasn't 100% sure it was justified, just as I have probably been too lenient in other situations. No one said being a Disciplinarian is easy.
  11. Since it's St. Patrick's Day, I thought it appropriate to pose this question for input. I have heard it said that all redheads are evil and need to be spanked. Is there truth to this, or is it urban legend?
  12. It's true that it's more difficult for an experienced spanker to find a willing EE but I have always believed that caring is more important than experience. It's actually pretty easy to read someone if you are in tune to their reactions. Just because someone is experienced, it doesn't mean they know what they are doing. I once witnessed a session where someone who had been around for years was hitting very high with a paddle - like tailbone high and I was cringing. I see "professional" videos of people using canes who have no idea how to control them. On the other hand, it may be that an inexperienced spanker has done their reading, watched videos, practiced with implements, etc. because they want to give the best experience possible. I know I was that way when I was new. Let's face it - if you can't provide a satisfying experience, you aren't going to be invited back. My first experience was with a woman who had only been spanked a couple of times and she told me she could be my stepping stone (for which I was grateful). I think I gave a good experience on the physical side from day one. The mental side was more difficult for me to learn - there are little tricks we learn about how to talk to the EE, scold the EE, or whatever trips their trigger and that took a while for me to figure out. Spanking is as much mental as physical to most people.
  13. We have a huge event here called "The Hunt" with 400 attendees. It's the only place where I get to see my friends from the Raleigh, Fayetteville and Wilmington, NC areas so I get that. But it's the only large event I go to these days (twice a year).
  14. I always much preferred smaller private parties. Large events can get kind of overwhelming for me.
  15. Thanks for pointing this out. I has been a pattern recently. A young female, a brand new profile, with no real imformation in the "About me" section, no contributory forum posts, just things like "I've been bad," "I got kicked out of college," "I'm failing my classes," "I can travel anywhere." etc. "How would you discipline me?" I would encourage members to be aware of this and try to evaluate profiles as best as possible before engaging and encouraging further trolls.
  16. In my experience, the desire often seems to get stronger as one gets older. A lot of people hide it for years but when they finally summon up the courage to confront their desires, it's like letting a genie out of the bottle.
  17. I would not spank in a hotel unless it was with something really quiet. I can hear everything that goes on in rooms around me in a hotel.
  18. This is pretty much what maintenance spankings are for. You say the spanking works to keep you on track, but only temporarily. If you were getting spanked once a week or so for example, whether you have violated a rule or not, it might have the same effect but you wouldn't have to deliberately break a rule just to get spanked (which kind of defeats the purpose of having a rule, right?). Maintenance spankings can be used as a reminder of your commitments (or who is in charge if you enjoy that dynamic) and they can be effective without necessarily rising to the level of a disciplinary spanking. Then, if you do break a rule, he can turn it up to the next level. I have a philosophy about discipline spankings and I have posted about it before. Disciplinary spankings are meant to modify behavior. In order to modify behavior, they have to be feared. In order to be feared, they have to hurt more than you want them to. So maybe there is a middle ground for you that will give you what you need. In answer to your question, "What is this need?" All I can say is that you are pretty much like most of the spankees I have ever known.
  19. Definitely very spankable 🔥
  20. In case you are not aware, there is a place in Nashville called The Mark. It might be a good resource for you. Where We Meet - The Mark By CPI
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