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  1. I have never heard of nerve injury if applied to the buttocks. However, it can be dangerous like any other implement if not used correctly. If you hit high with a paddle, for example, you can break a tailbone. I suppose if you want to get crazy with a cane and beat someone to a bloody pulp you could cause nerve damage. But I have caned people reasonably hard before with no ill effects other than a sore bottom.
  2. It was my first implement, purchased at Dollar Tree (and they still sell them). Leaves nice marks,
  3. You might want to check out the Burning River spanking group in Cleveland. You can Google them or here is the link if you are on Fetlife. They were dormant during the Covid surge, not sure what their current status is. Burning River SSC | FetLife
  4. Until now I didn't know what a reverse image search was (had to Google it). I'm sorry to hear about your experience, but thanks for educating me. But no, that has never happened to me. I think it probably happens to women more than men because there are a lot more phony men out there than women.
  5. Sometimes I offer an EE options and make her choose because I know they generally don't want to make that decision. For that reason, it becomes part of the "punishment." I have also offered EE's "double or nothing" before - the opportunity to correct something or else get it twice. Getting into an EE's head is an important part of the process.
  6. For discipline, sometimes I allow it, sometimes not. It depends upon the offense and my mood at the time. For stress-relief, sensual, or just because spankings, I always rub the sting out along the way.
  7. Women like to accessorize. Maybe wide belts are cooler than thin belts. It could be that simple.
  8. There are many types of spankings and they require different approaches. Even within the different types of spankings there are different approaches, depending upon what works between two people. For example, the question of warm-up comes up frequently. For a discipline spanking, I typically do not use a warm-up although other people do. However, if I am spanking for stress-relief, sensual, or just for fun I will always employ a warm-up with lots of massaging/rubbing along the way. Some people believe in always having a safe word, even for discipline, others do not think a safe word applies in a disciplinary scenario. Some people think a disciplinary spanking doesn't start until the tears flow. Some people never cry when they are spanked. If you are using implements that require skill to use (a cane for example), make sure you know how to use it properly so you are accurate and not hitting high, wrapping, etc. You can practice on a cushion to help get your "stroke" down. This is something I wrote about the striking area a while back, hopefully it is viewable: Spanknutt's Free Spanking and Bondage Blog - SpankingTube.com If you are holding someone accountable for goals, rules, etc. make sure both parties agree to them and they are not your rules. If you want to restrain someone in a one-on-one scenario, always make sure they have a way to release themselves in the event of a medical emergency. All people are different and I think the dynamic between them varies with each relationship. There is a mental side to spanking as well that may include things like teasing, threats, corner time, surprises, aftercare, etc. etc. etc. But what works for one doesn't work for all. I mentioned corner time to an EE one time and she laughed at me. Others like the corner to help them with head space. I don't claim to be the resident expert on this topic because there is no such thing, but these are some things I have learned over time.
  9. I don't think any type of "therapy" necessarily changes behavior. Behavior change is a conscious decision on the part of an individual. What I find with spanking though is if the connection is right, the EE tends not to want to disappoint the ER and that can contribute to behavior change more than the physical act alone.
  10. As with any implement, I think it depends upon who is swinging it. Wood tends to create more surface sting, while rubber is a little thuddier and perhaps has a deeper "burn," for lack of a better word. Or so I have been told. 😈 For self-spanking, rubber is a little harder to aim because of the flexibility.
  11. Here is a Fetlife spanking group in Portland with 185 members in it if you want to take a look: https://fetlife.com/groups/143082?sp=1 You will need a Fetlife account (it's free) if you don't already have one.
  12. A spanker or a spankee? I know some people in Wilmington, not too far from you.
  13. My EE exhibits at Pickleball events and sells paddles. The good ones are not wood, they are made from composite or graphite or materials and do not have holes in them. Some have honeycomb-style propylene (plastic) cores. The are very light and would break pretty quickly if applied with much force. The better ones cost around $150 if you want to test this.
  14. Sounds like frustration about something (maybe meeting people?) but, agreed, no clue.
  15. Your profile doesn't indicate where you are located, but online is always an "iffy" way to try to meet people. If you are in a remote area, your options may be limited, but if you are near a city of any size, chances are good that there are munches, sloshes, walks, hikes, or other gatherings of like-minded people where you can meet others in r/l and minimize the kind of nonsense you described. Did you mean to say on your profile that your husband is ok with you meeting someone in r/l? Or are you just looking for online?
  16. I have found a number of people on this site who I know in R/L. I normally just say hello.
  17. And the interview about it was even better:
  18. I have a friend who is in the same situation, but with the roles reversed. It appears that her husband is starting to make some progress. There is a huge learning curve for a vanilla trying to become comfortable with administering discipline, as opposed to giving a sensual spanking (both physically and mentally). Heck, I'm a spanko and administering discipline didn't come all that easily to me when I started out.
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