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  1. From the other side, I have spanked others outdoors a number of times. I think it adds a certain excitement to it because of the risk of getting caught and because it's something different. Recently, my EE was in trouble and thought I couldn't do anything about it because my daughter was here. I took her down a dead-end road near the house with some woods at the and and caned her. I didn't want to use a paddle or anything that makes a lot of noise because there were houses within earshot.
  2. Two toy bags full. I haven't counted but they contain paddles, crops, slappers, canes, floggers, dragontails, singletails, hairbrushes, dressage whips, straps, birches, and other things I can't even remember.
  3. My discipline spankings are never long and don't need to be - a few minutes at most gets the point across adequately. If you are talking about a stress-relief session, or a masochist who wants a "scene," then they can go on for an hour or more.
  4. I'm going with bat-shit crazy or maybe bi-polar on this one. I have been around bi-polar before and I understand how quickly those swings in emotion happen. I have heard stories from other ERs in our world (or even vanilla dating) who have run into similar things. Fortunately, it has not happened to me. Yet.
  5. When I deliver a discipline spanking, I usually give her a hug and glass of wine afterward. If I am doing a long scene with someone and they need time to come back down to earth, I usually wrap them in a blanket and hold them for a while. I believe it's my responsibility to provide whatever level of aftercare the EE wants or needs. I also try to stay engaged for the next day or two so they won't feel abandoned if they start to experience subdrop.
  6. It varies, depending upon her performance. I don't use maintenance at all. Now, when Covid is not around, I have some play partners who enjoy being spanked for the fun of it and I have been known to spank 2 or 3 different EEs in a given week.
  7. In my case, it's pretty straight-forward. I work with someone for weight management and she has specific goals related to diet and exercise. There are a specified number of swats associated with failure to meet those goals. At the end of the day, it's simple math. This helps eliminate any debate about whether the discipline is fair. And we always review her performance vs. the goals first. I will add that when she is successful, she gets rewards so there is both positive and negative reinforcement involved in the relationship.
  8. One time I sent a photo of some canes to my friend Colleen. Oops, I have two friends named Colleen. Wrong one...
  9. You can find some nice, heavy leather belts at Goodwill and consignment shops. I laminated one into 2 layers with contact cement to make a tawse.
  10. If you have a few tools, you can make your own paddles, floggers and such. I made my last flogger out of bicycle innertubes. It's a lot of fun making your own stuff too. You can buy Kooboo rattan canes in bulk from Franks Rush and Cane Supply for less than $2.00 each. All you have to do is trim to desired length, sand the tips, and remove any warping with a blow dryer.
  11. Yes, it's best not to talk about age if it involves minors. It may encourage inappropriate behavior by others.
  12. We do it all the time in North Carolina. Of course, I hang out with a lot of spankos so it comes a little more naturally. Also, ERs often find an EE to receive their spanks.
  13. All - if you highlight the text with your mouse, it displays in white. No way I would punish myself by trying to read brown on black. Regarding your behavior, I still reflect back on some of the things I did in college and I am pretty embarrassed by them. If someone had given me a few licks with a paddle when I did something stupid, it probably would have helped. And my GPA probably would have been higher. With respect to scolding, I think about it more as counseling or feedback. Whatever you want to call it, I think it is an important part of the process. It doesn't really make se
  14. Spanking has become increasingly more acceptable to society. Over 15 million copies of 50 Shades have been sold. As people continue to find out that it is not taboo or "weird," I think the interest in spanking will continue to grow. Of course, there are different types of spankings. Perhaps discipline spankings will decline as we become more "civilized." But stress-relief, sensual and just-for-fun? I see them progressively becoming more popular.
  15. That would be my definition of hard-wired as well. You didn't need an event to trigger it - it is a part of you.
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