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  1. Looks like he's enjoying that. I tried to vacuum the cat once - it didn't go over so well. 😂
  2. I'm both musician and spanko: https://www.spankingtube.com/video/123718/me-messing-around-in-my-underwear
  3. I was born this way. No trigger for me, I was not spanked as a child yet I have had spanking thoughts for as long as I can remember, long before I even knew what sexuality was. My sisters and cousins and I played spanking games growing up. I don't consider it to be a curse, I consider it to be a gift. But I had to come to grips with it and embrace it (meaning I stopped hiding it and being embarrassed about it) before I was able to understand that is is a gift.
  4. Spanknutt


    Is that your "I need to be spanked" look?
  5. Yes, anything that hospitalizes would probably be classified as abuse, yet I know people it has happened to. A friend of mine flew out to Arizona to meet a guy. He restrained her and caned her so hard she was bleeding through her jeans on the flight home. My comment about broken skin, blood, etc. was based upon some of the extreme vids I have seen classified as "severe." I love a good spanking video, but I have to turn those off because they turn my stomach.
  6. I use implements so I would never swing as hard as I can, I don't want to send my EE to the ER (which in this case, means Emergency Room). I have a philosophy when it comes to discipline: In order to change behavior, it has to be feared. In order to be feared, it has to hurt. A lot. That would be my definition of "hard." All EE's have different tolerance levels so I have to play off of their reactions. When they start getting kind of frantic I know I am getting the point across. I would classify severe as something that draws blood, breaks skin, etc. which I would never do intentionally.
  7. I get errors when I try to open the link
  8. I don't know anything about spanking machines, Robospanker is the only one I have seen online. I can't imagine why your partner think's he has the right to tell you whether you can buy a spanking machine. I think going outside of the relationship for spanking is risky if he is not on board with it. If you end up with marks, how are you going to explain them? You can only say you fell down the stairs so many times. This is not healthy and it is obviously leading to resentment. If this is a strong need for you, at some point if you can't work something out with him you may have to reassess the value of the relationship.
  9. One of the things I was taught during management training was never counsel or berate an employee in front of others, and that is common sense really. How would you like it if it were to happen to you? It's humiliating, so I hope whatever your bottom experiences in terms of consequences is sufficient to remind you not to let it happen again. Personally, I don't think Victoria should let you off with nothing, regardless of the outcome of the meeting. On the employer side, this is not grounds for dismissal for a first offense unless you have had other performance issues, but you should expect to counseled (written up) if they are a professional organization.
  10. It can work both ways. Some people enlist the help of a professional disciplinarian and pay them for their services. In my case, I have always maintained strong friendships. What we do is intimate and personal - yes, it takes a while to learn each other, build trust, and be 100% open and honest when we communicate. But over time, a bond is formed that is like no other. I won't do discipline with someone I don't feel that type of connection with because then I'm just going through the motions and I'm not personally invested in that person's growth (translation - I don't care that much about them). I also do vanilla activities with people I discipline because they become some of my best friends. And I have introduced some of them to each other and they have also become friends.
  11. So...I know a guy in Salt Lake who is a professional "Life Coach" who includes discipline for individuals and couples. I talked with him on the phone one night and he gave me a lot of the details. He said because of the lack of monogamy in LDS and the fact that many of the men are pretty arrogant about that he has to "counsel" a lot of couples having problems related to the polygamy dynamic. It was a long conversation and I won't go into the details but he said he gives them one warning and if they don't correct the problems he paddles them (bare). He said everyone in town knows what he does. I asked him how he stays out of jail. He said the Chief of Police and his wife are clients.
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