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  1. I will point out that "restraints" are not always something you can't get out of. I sometimes use cuffs with safety snaps or rope with a false tie that the EE can get out of if she needs to, but it adds to the headspace for some people. I would caution that using restraints someone can't escape from in a one-on-one situation at any time is a dangerous proposition. It the ER has a heart attack or strokes out the EE is going to be in serious trouble. Obviously, that doesn't happen often but it can, and it has. If it does, do you really want to be that person?
  2. Yes to both of these. Get to know each other and communicate. It makes everything more enjoyable.
  3. I agree. I am a purist when it comes to canes and rattan is king because of weight, flexibility, durability, and of course, the tradition behind it.
  4. In my experience, once the spanking starts, the EE kind of forgets about modesty and is more concerned about how much it hurts. And if they are that modest, they normally don't put themselves into that situation in the first place. I'm not speaking about all EEs, but in general.
  5. Noting that the past two years have been particularly difficult for single people because of Covid isolation and every time we thought it might be time to start socializing again another wave came, my wish for 2022 is that the damn thing finally goes away so I can be active again.
  6. Perhaps. I made this one from a wide leather belt from the Goodwill store. Laminted it for double thickness and conditioned it with mink oil. Total cost around $5.00. Perhaps you would like to take it for a test drive sometime to confirm its legitimacy. ?
  7. I'm out to a number of vanilla friends by choice, including one sister. Once you start talking about it, you find out that other people aren't as "vanilla" as you thought they were.
  8. Meeting someone online is tricky because there are a lot of phonies, trolls, posers, predators, etc. around. Not that you can't meet someone online, but if you live in an area where there are local gatherings of like-minded people, that is a better way. I have heard stories of people wasting weeks or months interacting with someone online only to be disappointed when it comes time to meet (if they show up at all). When you have an opportunity to meet people in r/l it minimizes the likelihood of them representing themselves as something they are not.
  9. Rubber will be worse because it "tugs" at the skin when it hits and it is denser than leather if comparing similar thickness.
  10. Yes, they do. Not AirBnB, but there used to be a place here called KT's Guest House and KT would rent it out to people coming in from out of town for local dungeon and spanking events. There was a room upstairs with under the bed restraints. He cooked in the morning and his breakfast specialty was called KTaters.
  11. Funny idea, but some people would probably be offended by it.
  12. I get excited when I make implements for others because I envision them being used on them. I make oak paddles much like this one, often with the EEs name wood-burned into them.
  13. I know women who love to be humiliated, called derogatory names, etc. They even do it to themselves sometimes. It's not my thing and I don't really understand it, but they are out there.
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