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  1. I am "out" to a number of vanillas, including one sister, some locals, and some Facebook friends. With one exception, I have found that people tend to be intrigued and curious about it. But it's kind of like politics and religion - you have to know your audience before going down that road. I have not found that anyone has ever judged or shamed me over it, however I have found that other people have opened up more about themselves after I have shared my interests. For example, after I told my sister, she told me about a guy who likes to worship her feet. I have always loved this qu
  2. In the U.S. I remember several instances where employees were spanked at work and then the employers/bosses were arrested for sexual battery. The news articles are out there.
  3. The bamboo back scratcher from Dollar Tree was one of my first implements. It leaves pretty marks. 🙂
  4. Great story. I wonder if she was already into it, or if you opened Pandora's Box.
  5. As an ER, there haven't been any unplanned spankings. About 25 years ago, at my brother's wedding reception, there was a band playing. I went into the room where the band was playing and started watching. The I realized I was standing in front of a woman who was behind me, blocking he view. I turned around and said "on, sorry." She said "That's ok, I'll spank you later." I kind of laughed and moved to the side and she said it again. I wasn't in the scene back then an nothing came of it. Now I wonder what it would have been like if I had taken her up on it. These days, I would probably do it
  6. I don't know if you are talking about the guy in Salt Lake City. If so, I have talked to him on the phone before. Interesting story out there...
  7. I did a role-play thing one time out of curiosity (and role-play didn't mean it wasn't hard). Personally, I think a wooden paddle swung with gusto is probably the most intense of all implements.
  8. This topic has been covered in forums on other sites. Depending on the kind of soap used, it can cause vomiting, diarrhea, irritation of the mouth or stomach, etc. Not my thing, I'm a spanko.
  9. Yes, but I am even talking about people with websites who promote themselves as pro Dommes and charge money for services. It is not about the title, it is about the work you put in to perfect your craft. Having said that, there are also some really good ones. I would never label myself as a professional, but I have been doing this for 15 years. I have attended demos and classes on how to use certain implements safely. I have instructed others how to do the same. But, to me, it is a passion, not a job or a service.
  10. It was a riding crop. My partner went to Tractor Supply Co. together to purchase it. I was trying to stay low-key in the store (because I don't really look like a horse guy). She started swinging the thing around, drawing attention to us while I was hiding my head. It was ok though, after we got home I paid her back for that. 🙂
  11. I disagree that a "pro" is any more skilled or experienced than anyone else. I have seen videos where "pro" mistresses didn't know how to control implements and were hitting high, wrapping, etc. There is no diploma for "pros" in our world - you just have to declare yourself to be one.
  12. I have always thought it was all about the EE. She is the one who takes all the chances and my job is to deliver the best experience possible. Submission if a gift. I could not imagine asking someone for compensation. In fact, several times when an EE has come to visit me, I have reimbursed her for travel expenses.
  13. I think, in many cases, a female ER does not pose a threat to a female EE, whereas in a F/M spanking scenario there may be an expectation for sex when it is not wanted. Having said that, I have spanked dozens of women over the years who didn't seem to mind having a male ER.
  14. I have had to think about a response on this one. I agree with what others have said. I also think that spanking creates a bond between two people that is incomparable, whether it is for discipline or other reasons. I remember when I was new, about 15 years ago, a woman told me the level of trust you have to have when you submit to someone is even stronger than the trust in a marital relationship. I don't know it that is true for everyone, but that was her perspective on it. And when you have that, you can't help but be close to the other person. With my EE, I think it hurts her more if s
  15. Agreed, many "strong" women who have stressful jobs enjoy submitting to someone after they leave the workplace (I have spanked 3 attorneys). 🙂
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