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  1. Yes, this is true. A good friend of mine morphed from bottom, to switch, to Mistress over the years. Another woman I see casually started out as a bottom and is now primarily Topping.
  2. Some are crying before the first spank lands. And some believe that real discipline doesn't start until the tears are flowing. Different strokes, so to speak.
  3. My understanding is that Fetlife now requires a phone number so they can text a code for new registrations to keep people from creating "fake" accounts.
  4. I am not aware of any social media platforms that have discussion pages and such, however Tumblr does have a lot of pics and you can follow users there to keep up with content when posted.
  5. I have not used a form, per se, but incorporating written instructions into a role-play scene can definitely add to the realism, anticipation, and excitement. For example, if it's a Teacher/Student scenario, how about having the "student" submit a "Consent to Discipline" letter to the Teacher? You could also involve a third party to act as the School Superintendent who authorizes the discipline. The possibilities are only as limited as the imagination.
  6. When using this position, maybe a belt is not the best implement for you. How about a hairbrush or a paddle?
  7. Submission is a gift. I was having a similar conversation with someone just this week about a spanker caring about the other person's needs and not just looking to satisfy their own. To me, this should apply in all spanking situations. Bringing out the submissive side in someone is not about proving how "Domly" one is, it's about taking someone somewhere in their imagination by creating connection and trust. I think when two people have that, many things are possible regardless of the "label" someone chooses to place upon themselves. Having said that, over the years I have found more fem
  8. I guess a twist to the question would be to add why? Just because they are hot, or because they deserve it? I would start with Kellyanne Conway for lying, although I don't particularly consider her to be a celebrity.
  9. If new members join, they are probably not going to know about your previous posts so if you want to reach them it would make sense to re-post periodically. Within reason, or course.
  10. Agreed. And it was funny how she blushed in the interview when he said "you have no idea how game this one is for something like that." And she didn't deny it. Closet spanko???
  11. For those who have not seen it, the spanking scene in Big Bang Theory is hilarious and the interview afterward is even better. Sheldon Spanking Amy - The Big Bang Theory - YouTube The Big Bang Theory | Jim Parsons' Spanking Scene | BEHIND THE STORY - YouTube
  12. These "certain friends" should be dealt with harshly.😂
  13. It happens rarely. Given my preoccupation with spanking, I'm not sure why it doesn't happen more often. Dammit.
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