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  1. For me, videos have to be real. By that, I mean real people, not actors. The spankings can be for discipline, maintenance, or just for fun. As with @Amethyst_Moon I don't care for spankings where sex or genitals are the focus - for me, is about the spanking and there are plenty of places to watch porn if I choose to. The spankings can be short and hard or longer scenes that are less intense, as long as they are genuine. I hate what I call "fake" spankings where the ER is barely hitting and the EE is acting like they are dying. I don't care much for costumes etc. because, again, that makes the video look like it is staged. I enjoy M/F, F/F, and F/M, not into M/M. I also don't like spanking "compilations," with short snippets of different spankings because as soon as I start to get into it the scene changes. I'm not big on slow-mo either. I don't spank in slo-mo so I find it hard to relate to that. I prefer implements to the hand because I don't take the hand that seriously. My favorite implements include paddles, switches, straps, canes, and love the rare vids with a birch rod. I'm not wild about bath brushes and hairbrushes and don't like slippers/sandals. Spankingtube is nice because it is free, but there are too many commercial videos there to wade through. There is also lots of free content on Xhamster, Spank Bang, and other adult sites. If someone is aware of personal pages, blogs, etc. where people post their own vids, please share with us. πŸ˜€
  2. Why would someone be too old? A health condition can exist at any age, physical or emotional. I have seen intense spanking videos on sites involving people in their 70's and even older.
  3. It is all about growth and it sounds like the two you are on a common path. There are so many instances where partners find it hard to get into synch so it's great to hear that you are figuring it out together.
  4. I think the answers to this would be over the board, but if you are a switch, then you are a switch. If you are in the right relationship, you shouldn't have to choose.
  5. One of my sisters knows everything, has seen my implements, and my Fetlife profile. She has also met a couple of my spankees. I am out to a few friends and Facebook friends. Turns out the couple living in the townhome next to me is into spanking, although they actually mentioned it before I did.
  6. I'm glad to hear it was something minor. It looked like people assumed it was a trust violation or something which would have been a bigger deal. Excellent that they both acknowledged their parts and agreed to accept consequences for the behavior. Spank on...
  7. I'm not sure you can "convince" someone that they need a spanking unless they are predisposed to the idea. That's kind of like trying to convert vanilla to kinky. It seldom works.
  8. With a gradual warm-up (and I don't mean a few slaps) you can get to the point where the spanking doesn't hurt that much. In fact, it can start to feel kind of good and then the ER can increase the intensity to the point where you wouldn't have been able to take it without the warm-up. Then you can get endorphins and adrenaline flowing and those are natural stress-relievers. But you have to have a ER who wants to deliver that type of experience because takes some work on their part.
  9. Dollar Tree sells a bamboo back scratcher that might work for you. Of course, it's a little thinner than a paddle, more like a ruler. But it's inconspicuous. And only $1.00. πŸ™‚
  10. I think it depends upon what their definition of "a falling out" is. Did they just have a disagreement about something (it could be politics, for example), or was it something more serious like a trust issue? I have been working with someone for over 5 years and there have been times when we didn't see eye-to-eye, but we have made it work. I'm not sure there is enough information here for me to pass judgement.
  11. I have found local munches and events to be much more productive than searching online. Unfortunately, most of those are on hold due to Covid. There are 17,000 registered users on Fetlife from New Orleans and many groups to choose from, including one called Louisiana Spankos. You might want to look there.
  12. Spanknutt


    Sometimes less is more...
  13. There are a number of reasons why an EE would want a specific gender. I know females who have had bad experiences at the hand of males who violated what was consented to. Some just relate better to a maternal or paternal figure. And for some, there is an element of sexuality involved. Different strokes...
  14. My discipline partner met a couple of guys from Craigslist before she met me. She said when she met one of them he said "Ok, strip." She said "No way." It is probably different for people who know each other well but, if not, that level of intimacy may be a hard limit.
  15. An ex-partner used to call it "a good cleansing beating." πŸ™‚
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