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  1. From earliest childhood my fantasies were of being spanked. When I hit puberty I began to also be turned on by being an 'er. I have deeply enjoyed both roles for the 50+ years since. -Ex.
  2. Because I agree with the thought that the consumption of alcohol prior to a scheduled session shows unacceptably poor judgment, I would add that one outcome of this session should be a hard-and-fast rule that this does not happen again. -Ex.
  3. I have done this a few times over the years. Having laid the implements out on a table, the ee's choice is limited to the order in which they will be used - I've made clear that they all will be. She has to go back each time to pick the next one. Having to make the choice has added to her distress. And, in fact, the reason it has happened fairly rarely is because in most instances I haven't seen any particular benefit to adding that bit of distress. -Ex.
  4. For those whose circumstances permit, there are often good reasons to see a professional. This is one of them. As others have suggested, for a grown man to be brought to a state of begging by nothing more than the application of a bare hand to his bare bottom is an incredibly powerful experience - so incredibly powerful that, IMHO, it is worth paying for if one's finances and relationship status permit. -Ex.
  5. I think the dialogue between you and Nicole has it right. This is the moment to embrace your choices. You chose to misbehave. Own it and acknowledge it, not just to yourself but very explicitly to him. You chose to have him be your disciplinarian. Own it, and tell him that you trust his judgment to punish you as severely as necessary to make sure that there are no recurrences. You decided that you would be your best self in by living in a relationship of this kind with this particular person. Embrace the choice. You have decided that the cost of the transitory physical and emotional pains of being spanked are outweighed by the benefits. Consider this an opportunity to prove yourself right. -Ex.
  6. Like several of you, this doesn’t actually happen to me, even though for me being exposed in front is an important an aspect of being punished. If it did, I would want the ‘er to scold me, either for disrespect or for not being contrite about the offense, and to punish accordingly. That would add to my embarrassment and increase the feeling of being dominated. -Ex.
  7. I don’t know if I can phrase this differently than others have, but they are two different and intense pleasures. Being an ‘ee allows a complete surrender that is thoroughly cleansing emotionally. As an ‘er, the sense of power is an enormous rush. And in both cases the undeniably sexual subtext, regardless of whether the context is erotic or disciplinary, adds to the thrill. The practical aspect, that it is helpful as an 'er to have the irreplaceable knowledge that comes as having been an 'ee, is just a bonus. -Ex.
  8. I, for one, always enjoy your long detailed write-ups. -Ex.
  9. It seems to me that the consequences inflicted by Victoria should be independent of whatever HR does at work. That takes into account all sorts of things, like your previous record as known to them, other than the ones that are important to your conscience and efforts to do better in the future. The strictness of what Victoria does should be based on your own honest self-assessment of how badly you behaved this time plus what is needed to minimize a recurrence. That will likely be something pretty strict. That's the point: to maximize your concern (and, more importantly, self-examination) in advance; to inflict seriously unpleasant although not truly damaging physical pain at the time; and to emerge cleansed from the past and strenghthened for the future. Doubtless Victoria's special post-punishement pants will help you in reflecting afterwards. Tough love, but in a positive spirit. -Ex.
  10. My good advice here would to be proceed with caution. A serious birch bundle is not an implement to be used by amateurs. -Ex.
  11. You might give serious consideration to visiting a trustworthy professional - at least for one long session, and perhaps for a few if finances allow. The educational cost/benefit as you are gradually guided along to a deeper understanding of your own particular tolerance levels would probably be significant. -Ex.
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