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  1. Well we do have a FLR, agreement. So there is that, but I think I should have been more concise in my question? Clearly the application of discipline and punishment has improved my behavior. So I was wondering if I should ask her if she is now seeing a benefit and if that is why she has stepped it up a bit? Or if I should continue trying to be on my best behavior and focus on her?
  2. Spankorbespanked, I believe your wife was on to something! I had only had to do this once over the past month! And I must say his behavior was stellar afterwards for the longest time. I can say that he was very clearly focused on his punishment, and it took very little effort on my part to teach the required lesson.
  3. Pretty sure there is a environmental component that may be involved. I think for some it is difficult especially they have an occupation where emotions can be detrimental. I think sometimes that can affect their ability to let go.
  4. Hate is a strong word. I would not say that I have the aforementioned person( not UK spank o) however I do have a strong disdain of him, however the ignore button which seems to make the site more pleasant, and for the most part I do not see his content. Regardless best wishes to you, and I am sure you will make a decision which is best for you and that is all that matters.
  5. Not really wanting to reinvent the wheel here, so I was wondering if anyone had any ideas for making a quick and easy printable certificate, that would be customizable. thanks
  6. Good for you for having convictions and a moral compass. Hope things work out for the two of you.
  7. Wow nice response to a mere inquiry, and a suggestion to shower at home if it was an issue.
  8. Not really sure I consider myself a HOH just a mere enquiry. I do not think there is a label that can be applied to our marriage, however spankings are often a part of it with both of us sometimes being the ee
  9. Wondering if this could fall under exposing others to your kink? I would think depending on location and circumstances it might be more prudent to shower at home?
  10. Right there with you on this! How many chemicals, fragrances, etc are in soap? Kind of off topic but we use Goats Milk soap in our household due to the absence of unknown inert ingredients.
  11. For clarification only the Husband can be the HOH?
  12. Kind of seems like a silly question to ask here, what was the reason for your spanking? Was it consensual?
  13. Are views,time,and date,stamped?
  14. WHAT?…… I would hardly think apologizing is warranted, not that I am on the committee, or any one whose opinion matters, but her it is the but, seriously everyone has something to offer, regardless of their experiences, or role.
  15. Just looking out for you the whole chemicals fragrances in dial lol
  16. Wheels turning, perhaps what we need is a certification curriculum? Complete with lesson plans and final exams.
  17. I am sure someone will be along shortly to condemn you for being an ER, and point out the errors of your ways. Seriously your idea does has potential.
  18. As previously stated you need to find a new circle of friends.
  19. I think it comes down to each person’s traits and desires, and whom they feel most comfortable with. For me I much prefer male EE’s but I have on occasion spanked females as well, while not my preference if there is a relationship and trust and a woman has a need, I am not going to say no, and will do my best to address their needs.
  20. Well I try not to be offensive, but sometimes despite your best efforts it can come across that way. Really wish my husband would participate here, I think he could add some value, however he is not one to partake in forums, he is overly cautious with regards to anything internet.
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