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  1. I remember reading at some time paraphrasing here but you have to know you are going to be punished, get punished and know that you we’re punished. For us an immediate attitude change.
  2. Not intending to say he gets play punishments, just that a serious paddling does set the tone that this is not fun and games.
  3. I think sometimes a prescribed ritual, with chores, selected attire, and of course a serious paddle seems to reinforce this is serious and not play time.
  4. Yes we primarily focus on Female LED Domestic Discipline, so I guess so. I have expectations, he has chores, and it’s not uncommon for him to get a spanking.
  5. For us two or three hours is not uncommon. With the caveat that I usually require him to do chores, and a variety of tasks. Usually he is wearing his spanking panties only which kind of adds the discipline. He is corrected as needed, then we move on to his actual punishment.
  6. I do not think it will go away. Seems more like a deep down need, versus a passing fancy.
  7. Wonder if I should try a larger paddle surface? Coverage is good lol
  8. Yes I am all for it. When the time comes hubby is required to wear his spanking panties for the paddle. Instant attitude change the send he is in the corner awaiting his punishment.
  9. Thank you interesting with regards to muscle tone. Hubby has been exercising and dropped perhaps 20 pounds. So that could be it. Typically I use a heavy bath brush style paddle.
  10. So I am wondering how do you spank? Especially when using a paddle? Just to be clear I am wondering if Grip, Swing, and how you hold the paddle influences the outcome? Seems like lately when paddling I seem to get a lot of vibration back from the paddle on impact. I wonder if I am holding it too tightly? Or Perhaps if I should be letting the paddle do the work? Thoughts? thank you
  11. I would really like to see some real infractions, scolding and real punishment.
  12. Well it’s official joined the ranks today.

  13. NewEr

    Who would have Thought?

    Still planning most likely it will be the weekend after next. I am sure many could benefit from your experiences.
  14. well what about a paddle designed for self spanking? We have one that works quite well. It has a rather long handle and my husband has to take it with him when he goes on business trips. We use FaceTime and while not the same it does serve a purpose. Really can’t offer any other tips. thanks
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