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  1. Well lately I have been having to administer weekly spankings. Hubby has a lot to work on to get back on track. Unfortunately that may not help your situation. But honestly there does seem to be some regionals influences on this whole ordeal. I wonder if zoom spankings are now a thing, while not the same it could be a substitute for the socially distanced.
  2. Are we talking self spanking here? That could effect answers.
  3. Seems like you need to become a frequent flier, in the hairbrush club. Hard to dispute results.
  4. Does having a need enough of a reason? I think for some although they may not like their spanking at the time they understand their need for accountability and as such need a spanking. Of course there is always the I just want to give you a spanking so no reason needed at times.
  5. So about 10 days ago I placed an order for some items from a purveyor of spanking tools. In total two paddles and two canes, which were to be used during his review. We are incorporating scheduled reviews of things he needs to work on. well today I go and check the tracking number and it says my package was delivered to the front desk, mailroom to some city in PA! I wonder if it will get returned to the shipper or if someone will open it despite it not being addressed to them. I am honestly hoping I was given the wrong tracking number by mistake but that seems unlikel
  6. Baby oil gel is a spankers best friend.
  7. All for Men being spanked. Especially for punishment. Especially fm
  8. For me nothing better than spanking a nice butt in panties.
  9. If it’s for discipline or punishment, I think I would be fine with it. As long as there was not a sexual element involved. However I would be more comfortable if it were more of a coed event, With both sexes in each role.
  10. Who says they have to come down? I do so enjoy spanking a bottom in panties.
  11. So have you addressed your concerns with her? Is this a first time encounter? How did you come to know of her services, and does she have others that she has disciplined that you can talk to? It it were me I would be meeting with you, and you would be made to prepare for your spanking, then we would discuss specifics. Afterwards you would be sent home to think about it, and make a decision if it’s going to work for each of you or not.
  12. No offense but these things should be discussed well ahead of time.
  13. I use it on a regular basis. When he is going to be punished, he is put into chastity for a few days prior. When the time comes it comes off and he reports for his punishment which includes starting off with a few smacks to the head of his penis. It is really quite effective for setting the disciplinary tone. it must be somewhat popular as Cbt slappers are readily available online.
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