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  1. By no means is my vocabulary infinite, lol but when I saw it I was wondering, going to have to look that one up.
  2. Just curious if it was a typo or actual term “sod”?
  3. Not being sarcastic but how would this work, if you are already not participating in the process how would this be different?
  4. I thought it was ok to ignore them as well, but a few times I have received some pms which basically made me out to be the rude one for reading a deleting a series of pm’s
  5. Seems to me if I were to want to send the Green Gator a pm I might start with a simple Hello, is it ok if I PM you?
  6. Well there is that whole If you can not say something Nice perhaps it’s best to say nothing at all. I am not one to say well so and so sent this and my goodness what we’re they thinking ...
  7. Exactly if your profile, married makes no mention of looking for play partners, states married, etc. Yet some persist in believing that you are just sitting anxiously awaiting the opportunity to spank a complete stranger. rant off
  8. NewEr

    not sure

    Perhaps. This is how the term impact play came to be? I believe for some sensation is the end game and has nothing to do with the concept of dominance or submission.
  9. We have a few, thing is for us depending on the day one may be better suited than the other.
  10. Thanks, I was kind of putt off by it, on the rare occasion I address someone personally on this or any other forum I usually send a quick note asking if it’s ok send a pm? Then if it’s ok I will follow up, admittedly I do tend err on the side of caution even on other venues which are 100% vanilla.
  11. Read your post
  12. Just wondering... so when you receive a pm should you feel bad about non acknowledgement? I mean seriously for the most part I do not go back and forth via pm on here, so when someone sends you a long message, indicating that they have ear your post, etc and then proceeds to ask rather personal questions, have you spanked another man, have you been spanked yourself etc what is wrong with simply deleting the message? After all it was unsolicited, so am I missing something?
  13. NewEr

    not sure

    So since when did the desire to be spanked equate to being weak
  14. Or perhaps a wet bikini bottom getting dried by the paddle lol.
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