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  1. In 5th grade that happened to me too. If it was your birthdays you had to go over our female teachers knee for an over the knee spanking on a clothed bottom! You were spanked in front of the class and everyone had to count the spanks of your age. I mean this wasn’t that long ago. I am 33 so this was in the 90s! How did something like that ever happen? I didn’t think much of it and everyone kinda just laughed cause it was fun. It was like your own personal bday spanking lol. It was of awkward, but also exciting seeing my classmates and girls I had crushes on, get a spanking. Little did they kn
  2. Hi Everyone! I have always wondered when living in a small apartment (SF apt for me), with thin walls and neighbors, what drowns the spanking, is it a show type, Movie? Music genre? Fan? If so please give an example of show or movie lol, like a go to! I have always put on some action movie, but then when the action is over the spanking can clearly be heard 😳. Thanks everyone!! I have always loved reading about everyone’s experiences on SN and now it’s my turn to contribute!
  3. How was the spanking from your BIL? Tolerate that okay? Especially after spanking from your hubby right after!
  4. I am in the medical profession. I have an athletic build, great smile, 6ft tall, and blue eyes. I am actually the person I say I am in person! I have always been interested in spanking; spanking my girlfriends, reading about it, watching it on TV. It would be nice to meet someone open to spanking as I am. Someone who would get over my knee for a bare bottom spanking I have had a D/D relationship before and I liked it, but I am open to try new thing. I know it can be very intimidating to get messages online from someone you have not met (like me), especially on this site. I am sure you wonderf
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