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  1. Would love to set something up with you! Feel free to shoot me a message.
  2. Glad to see more Illinois people joining! I am in the Chicago area sometimes and west-central Illinois other times, and I would not mind handing out a spanking!
  3. How far west of Chicago are you?
  4. I am in the Chicago suburbs during the summer. I go to school out in western Illinois. I have pretty much no spanking experience either, but I fantasize about it, too!
  5. I am new to spanking and am looking to find someone to do a little spanking session with. I would be happy being spanked, doing the spanking, or both! I would lean towards finding a woman to do this with but I am fine with spanking or being spanked by a man as well. Hoping that there is someone out there who would be interested in a spanking session with me!
  6. Hi, I am new to spanking but have been wanting to get into it for a long time. I am wondering if there are any female spanking enthusiasts in Illinois with whom I could get started in the spanking world. Ideally, I would like to both spank you and be spanked by you, but if you're exclusively a spankee or spanker then that isn't a dealbreaker. I am a college student, so it would be best if you could host. Right now, I am at school in the western part of the state, so if there are any ladies out there I would love to get to know you. I live in the Chicago suburbs during the summer. My schedule
  7. Thank you! I definitely will be.
  8. Hi, everybody! I'm a nineteen year-old male college student from Illinois. I have never been spanked, and have never given a spanking, but I am itching for a chance to do some of both, as spanking has been a fantasy of mine for some time now! I would love to meet a female spanking enthusiast sometime to spank, be spanked, or (hopefully) both! I live in the Chicagoland area and go to school in the west-central part of the state, so I'm looking forward to meeting you wherever in Illinois you may be!
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