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  1. Delete my profile please no one here can be trusted!’

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      That's a great policy.....

    3. shygurl


      Take it up with the site owners. All I know is that removing profiles messes up the database or something like that. They are hoping to change that in the future.

    4. Ms.Mary


      I m sorry cuddlebug. Actually there are some very nice people here. 

  2. Hi my name is Meghan and I am 36 I am looking for a dd relationship or a mentor right now I just moved to South Carolina and I need someone who can have a lot of time to help me in person and on private message. I am looking for a man that is loving caring and kind and can be strict discipline wise when needed but everything stay between us at all times. I want some one that is understanding and the will spend the time to get to know each other and spend time together as well as the discipline and structure that way I feel comfortable and safe and there is a bond between us. I have depression anxiety and stress and anger issues as well as behaviors that I want to fix. But I don’t trust easily because I was abused grown and by boyfriends that I have had so please if you don’t have the understanding and patience that I need don’t offer to help. I am a very loving caring person and I am all so handicapped but I don’t let that stop me from living my life. If you have questions or want to talk please contact me on kik at sheba1308 or on here thanks for your time and understanding meghan 

  3. Hi my name is Meghan I am 34 almost 35 . I am a handicap person who lives in a condo by myself and I have staff come in to help me with things that I need help with. I also work for the company that takes care of me and I love my job. I am very independent and I love to volunteer in the community to help people when I can. I am looking for a man who is interested in a DD relationship and I believe that the man is in charge but I also want that person to be loving and caring and kind and would support me in anything I want to try to do and help me grow as a person and grow with me in the relationship. Someone who wants to be a big part of my life and help me with what I do and enjoy doing. I need some one who family is very important to them because my family is very important to me and are involved in my life a lot of the time. I also need some one who can be strict when needed but be loving and caring and kind and supporting at the same time. I really need structure in my life to help me thrive. I am very loving and caring and kind and supporting person and I will be very loyal to my man if they treat me right. I am an open book and if you just want to know something just private message me and we can talk about what ever you want to know. I hope to hear from you soon thank you for reading.

    1. FLRONLY


      it's tough finding someone

    2. Karl


      Sent pm 

  4. I'd be very happy to help you if we lived closer.

  5. I am looking for a mentor for discipline and structure long term. I need someone to have a lot of time to help me and be able to talk and text and visit as often as possible. They will be in charge of everything my rules and regulations and punishment. Basically just like a parent would do. My boyfriend is trying but is not good at all so I need someone experienced. Someone who is patient and understanding and loving and caring and supportive and strict all at the same time. If you can help please pm me thank you.

  6. I am still looking for a mentor for discipline and structure and to be a parent to me. Both of my parents are gone now. I am going to be moving to a condo I bought in June so I need someone to be able to talk and text and visit as often as possible. I have a boyfriend and he is learning about this type of relationship. Please message me if you can help thank you meghan

    1. BDMD72


      Sure. What kind of help do you think you need? Do you need me to show him how to be a proper DOM/Spanko?

    2. cuddlebug


      Private message me and I will talk to you and explain

  7. Hi my name is meghan and I am 33 years old and I am a handicap person who lives in a group home and I am working on getting my own house and I am looking for a mentor to help my other mentor out. I need a lot of help and support and encouragement and guidance to help me do the right thing. I need someone who has a lot of time and can be reached at anytime and who is good with discipline and structure and caring and loving and Christian. Every thing we do discipline wise or talk about stays between us three at all times and if you think you can help us please let me know. 


    1. SmackSmack


       I sincerely hope you are able to find the help you need. ?

  8. Hi everyone I am still looking for a DD relationship with someone around my age or no older than 42. I need someone loving caring fun strict with discpline and structure. If you are interested please contact me at sheba1308 on Yahoo messenger or email me. I am an open book and I am very loyal and honest I hope to hear from you soon.

    1. The Instructor

      The Instructor

      you would better to mean every word , 

  9. Hi cuddlebug (Meaghan) !  I am surprised that you haven't met someone yet, but don't give up hope......that certain someone will come along for you. Have you tried BDSM clubs?  There are lots of good people in those areas....just investigate and do research......am bit leery about going on dating sites....loads of bad apples there.

    Keep your chin up and feel free to contact me for any help  or questions. I am very open minded about everything and being a world traveler, can offer unique answers based on  a lot of different societies and countries.

    Regards......... Lady Veronica Graunwolf

    1. cyberian2


      PS.    Love the idea of Salem.......conjures up thoughts of Celtic lore!      Lady V.

  10. I am still looking for a long term relationship or a mentor or both if possible. I need someone who is free a lot of the time to talk and text. Someone to guide me with love and stricted discipline with me and guidance. I need someone who is going to be there when I need them. You can contact me on Yahoo messager sheba1308 is my user name. Or here thank you. 

  11. This week is not my week we had a family member pass away.  I hope things get better soon. 

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    2. cuddlebug
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      Very sorry...wishing you comfort and strength.  

    4. The Instructor

      The Instructor

      however it is long time but am sorry for that 

  12. Still looking for a dd relationship with the right one . Don't be scared to say high I love too make friends. 

  13. I am still looking for a boyfriend and long-term relationship. I am 32 years old and I  want a man around my age that is loving caring strict with discipline and that don't play games a relationship is 50/50 . I am and an open book you can ask anything so don't be shy  Meghan 

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