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  1. I love the face of the girl of your profile

  2. The cane  hurt  more  on the bare 

  3. How long has it been? 1hr 45 minutes 30 minutes Within 15 minutes It just happened Spanked for? Discpline Maintenance Erotic Who spanked you? What implementation? On the bare? Were you brought to tears/crying How severe was the pain? How are you feeling now Add whatever you like and thank you!
  4. Have you been spanked in the last 24 hours? Ladies share your experience.

  5. https://m.facebook.com/disciplinestill Join this hot new discussion group on Facebook! Are you an Adult Spanker or Spankee? Do you still receive discipline spankings? Do you have maintenance spanking sessions or do you get a rise out of spanking or being spanked? Do you like to reminisce about being spanked back in the day? Whatever interest you please join Adult Spanking!
  6. The wooden bath brush looks intimidating.
  7. The cane The paddle The belt The birch The twase
  8. Ladies since you been spanked as an adult, what is the one that really stands out that hurt and made you howl and cry in pain the most? What implement was used? Was it on the bare? Was safe word an option? Thanks Dallas
  9. http://www.misterpoll.com/users/dallasvoyer Spanking Polls. Ladies (those who get or been spanked as an adult) click the url and take the poll or polls that apply to you. Its free and you don't have to be a member. Thanks
  10. been spanked recently? inbox me-females only.

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