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  1. Happy Birthday Madatwho.  Hope you have the best birthday ever. Keep up the good work

  2. I have never had an issue, TV or radio on or shower is always good for loud implements also asking for a secluded area if possible. Where I go is like a suite with 2 doors to block noise
  3. My ex used to say spank me till I am weak. That meant to almost a state of bliss, maybe even subspace so she could lay there and just be held. and everything on the inside be out
  4. Been doing this for over 50 years so keeping count would be difficult, would say between 20 and 30 but that may be conversative
  5. Have used a cord, but also a devil's braid more thuddy but quiet
  6. I have met a few people from here over the years but it certainly is a painstaking process most of the time. All you can do is try and be patient and hope something clicks
  7. Any fireworks planned for the new year? 


    1. Spanknutt


      Spankings tomorrow, if that falls into the fireworks category.

    2. rubyredd


      @Spanknutt- the only fireworks I would be interested in. 

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