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  1. Hi Hope we get a chance to touch base

  2. It was very nice to have the opportunity to have a real life meeting with someone from the site. It's something i have been sorely missing

    1. rubyredd


      That's great!

  3. Good judgement is always the best call, but usually by their reaction or just knowing from experience
  4. Meg, This wouldnt be Middle of Nowhere would it?
  5. Meg, I gave one in a rest area in R I you may be familiar with but it was outside the car, while I did not bare the bottom because of that, Her skirt was raised and a trucker tooted from the other end of the rest area. Thought no one else was there
  6. Ok now this is getting scary because I have actually spanked someone in a rest area in tennessee
  7. Many years ago I used a rest area for such a purpose. My passenger was as surprised as you were, although she was not as lucky as you to have her bottom covered
  8. I find aftercare highly important. The cleaning of the slate and feeling forgiven is a huge part of the scenario and for me having someone sitting on my lap and being held is a great way. With that being said, I have come across a few spankees over the years who did not want aftercare and just preferred to be put in a corner, Everyone has different wants and needs
  9. Well Meg, I can see why you'd be blushing, nice to see you post again
  10. Someday we can get together and chat and I can tell you an experience
  11. I have also met a couple of people but it takes a long time to develop the trust to do so, Be patient and i know it's hard
  12. He still hasn't figured out what he's missing and doesn't have well this has many possible uses syndrome. Yet
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